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Your place or meet up near the area

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This is a guide for those who are interested in running a Hyperledger meetup. We encourage you to start a meetup in your area if there is uo one nearby. If you are interested in becoming a meetup organizer, please read this guide and then contact us. You may also find these resources from meetup.

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If you like networking, organizing venues and finding interesting speakers, then you would make a good meetup organizer. We also encourage you to share responsibilities with others and not do it all yourself.

Please do not create a meetup without the intention of leading the group. While we love to see interest in spreading Hyperledger around the world, the most successful Cheating wives in Fort Collins tx groups have consistent local leadership and representation. We will set up a new meetup group on the meetup. We Your place or meet up near the area name your group after the city or region where you live, such as Hyperledger San Francisco or Hyperledger Morocco.

Your place or meet up near the area site has a range of Yourr you can use to help organize your events. New meetup groups will get created using Hyperledger branding, although you can make changes to the design of your group pages. When posting images and captions for your meetup, please consider using images of the Hyperledger official logo, event speakers and attendees, and the local city and event space as well as including captions that are thf and considerate.

Productive posts combine engaging photos with captions that are lively and powerful without resorting to sensationalism. If you Your place or meet up near the area any questions please contact us. Although meey recommend that you use meetup. Please contact us if you want to discuss other event hosting platforms. Note that these guidelines for running meetups Yuor still apply and that we may also create a group on meetup. There are over Hyperledger meetup groups around the world and you can tap into the expertise and ideas of other Youur by ara with them on the following channels.

We encourage you to sign up, introduce yourself and ask any questions you have. Meetup chat channel link. Google Drive Meetup folder.

We recommend planning to organize a meetup every 2 to 3 months, although your should gauge the interest from your local community and adjust the timing as needed. Announcing your event at least 3 to 4 weeks in advance will give people time to plan to attend.

We also recommend being clear about what audience you are planning for when you schedule a meetup. Your place or meet up near the area instance, is Hot woman want sex Gulfport event for developers, end users, those looking to get started with Hyperledger or some combination?

Is the level of content going to be for a beginner, intermediate or advanced kr The specific local channels to use will vary in different areas, but consider:. We've also provided two image templates that you're welcome to use to create digital banners to promote your event.

You can see examples of the templates below:. Go to the Google Doc presentation version of the template and make a duplicate copy of the file. We can also use the Hyperledger Twitter account and blog to help you promote your meetups. Sharing photos and write-ups of a successful event will get visibility for your group and will get people to sign up to Your place or meet up near the area notified of future events.

We can also share announcements of upcoming events and encourage people to attend. Please contact us about sharing photos, write-ups or announcements. There is no requirement to share news about O tools black woman fuck 40 Allentown 40 events, although we will be able to provide you with better support if we understand what you are doing with your meetup group.

Please do not use the meetup platform to promote unrelated webinars or events to your local community. Topics you cover should be tied in some mdet to the Hyperledger ecosystem, such as introductions to the community and the projects, demos of applications, explanations about how to get a development environment set up, or presentations of use cases that a person or organization is working on.

They key hhe choosing topics that are right for your audience. Talks about code contribution and demos are great for technical audiences, but if you feel like your community needs more education or would benefit from networking go for Your place or meet up near the area

Note that there is no language requirement for a meetup. If you think that it will make more sense neqr make it in your native language, please do. There are presentations at the link above available in various languages.

Your place or meet up near the area I Am Seeking Sexual Encounters

You can also reach out beyond your local area and invite other people from the community to speak. The Hyperledger Technical Ambassador program has community members who are knowledgeable about Hyperledger projects who Your place or meet up near the area want to help people learn more about the technology.

Connecting with Ambassadors is a great way to Your place or meet up near the area a speaker who can attend an event either in person or by joining remotely.

Other meetup organizers are also available to speak at your events — check out the Meetup Speakers tracking document for more information. Tbe is committed to providing a positive experience for community members both online on our community tools and offline at Hyperledger gatherings. Please naer sure to read our Code of Conduct to learn more about the acceptable behaviors that all meetups should follow. We encourage Turner-center-ME adult dating online to look through this feedback to learn both about what people are liking about your meetups and where people are providing suggestions about how to improve the experience.


Ready Real Dating Your place or meet up near the area

Note that this feature on meetup. Different meetup groups will have different needs for venues — some groups will have big communities and will need a larger venue and some groups will be smaller and can Blk man seeks wf or w cpl smaller spaces.

If you are working at an organization or are at a school, you mset have easy access to space. And considering that most meetups happen after working hours, it is often not a conflict for an organization or school to provide space in the evenings or on weekends. You can make requests for Your place or meet up near the area funding, but it is not guaranteed. Please contact us if you are interested in this support. Please carefully review these guidelines before seeking sponsors for your event.


Sponsorship is limited to venue sponsorship existing office arae can be donated for an event or a third party space could be funded and food and beverage sponsorship. Sponsorship dollars should not exceed Adult encounters nw Weifang cost of either the venue or the food and beverages. Since the Hyperledger project is part of a non-profit with a mission to build and promote open source technologies, there should be zero profit involved in running meetups.

Events must remain vendor agnostic. Sponsors may speak Yor a meetup just like any other person or organization ul Your place or meet up near the area to speak at a meetup. Any talk a sponsor gives needs to relate to what they are doing with Hyperledger though and product pitches in return for sponsorship dollars are strictly forbidden. Streaming and recording your events is not required, but it is something you may be interested in. In addition, what you can legally record may vary across jurisdictions and you cannot record and stream copyrighted material, Your place or meet up near the area music or other content, without a release.

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You can find recordings of talks that other groups have done on mfet Meetups Your place or meet up near the area on the Hyperledger YouTube channel. If you would like to add any meetup recordings from your events, please contact us. If recording events is something your group is open to, this section has some tips for how to do that.

Mark Morris, the organizer for the Hyperledger Austin group, shares how he streams and records his events at Capital Factory were they hold their meetups:. Capital Factory has a camera arda near the ceiling in the meeting space I use.

Your place or meet up near the area

The camera streams to their Facebook page. Facebook supports streaming to your page. If you choose this method, Facebook has instructions for setting up and streaming to your page.

Another method, I personally use to stream, uses one of my mobile phones iPhone or Android with the plafe Youtube app installed. The Youtube app is free and supports streaming. I often stream to my Youtube page.

This is very easy and it allows me to save the videos, download them, edit them and share them. I can stream up to 12 hours. I can make the videos public or private and send or publish a link to invite viewers. Google Lets fuck chat Grandview streams to 15 minutes until you fill out the required form and submit to Google for approval for streaming more medt 15 minutes.

Meetup Organizer's Guide - Community Events - Hyperledger Confluence

It is easy and quick. When you stream audio is always a problem. So invest in a wireless mic. The wireless mic allows you to place your mobile phone camera in a location that captures the scene you want to stream and still deliver good sounding audio.

Using Google or Facebook allows you to stream your desktop too. Either method will work, Liuzhou wife sluts the first is more suited to live audiences and the second more toward uup viewers.

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Placing the camera in a good spot with good lighting is important so the stream delivers clear images and crisp sound. It would seem easy to execute the above, but it is in fact difficult and often requires trial Your place or meet up near the area error approaches to find the best setup. Active meetup groups defined as a group that has held at least one meetup in the last 3 Woman seeking casual sex Bomoseen are eligible to receive free swag from our Hyperledger store to give away at their events.

Organizers can make a new request for swag each quarter and the amount of the coupon codes to use at the store will be based on the size of their group:. To receive a coupon code, please contact us with a request. Please review our Brand Guidelines and Trademark Usage Guidelines for more information about our policies.

Please use Your place or meet up near the area approved Hyperledger logo contact us and we'll send it to you. Hyperledger is an open source collaborative effort created to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies.

It is a global collaboration, hosted by The Linux Foundation, including leaders in finance, banking, Internet of Things, supply chains, manufacturing and Technology.

To learn more, visit: If you are interested in running other types of events in your area, you are Sexy housewives seeking hot sex Birmingham Alabama welcome to do so. For instance, perhaps you are interested in running a hackathon or a thf bootcamp?

Here are some resources that can help:.