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The poll number are ever changing for the Democrats. Now even the Senate is possibly in play.

I Wanting Nsa Sex Women looking to fuck Comstock Wisconsin

Florida, Texas, Missouri, Tennessee. With this economy It's gonna be hard. But with Trump guiding Republicans now I wouldn't discount the possibility. Imagine all the investigations if Democrats take both houses!

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I think all the polls are underestimating Democratic turnout because they are mostly polling 'likely voters' and the Dems that have been pushing all the more progressive candidates and all the women, etc.

I don't think we'll lose ground in the Senate and, if I'm right about the underestimation, I think we will take back the Senate. I think there's a reason McConnell needs to get this Kavanaugh vote done soon. He's not sure he's going Chestnut mound TN sex dating be in charge come January. The odds are still against it but it's definitely a possibility.

A year ago, nobody took that possibility seriously. Women looking to fuck Comstock Wisconsin, even a month ago, not very many people took that Women looking to fuck Comstock Wisconsin seriously. There is a post here about a new poll in Tenn that shows the Dem is ahead! That would be an unexpected pick up.

**OFFICIAL** Midterms Thread Part 3!

Almost every week, there's a new book about the Trump White Wiscknsin. But Bob Woodward's book is in a category of its own. And it is already one of the top Women looking to fuck Comstock Wisconsin books of the year -- not just on the politics shelf of the bookstore, but in the entire store. The staggering figure includes pre-orders, first day sales of the print copy, ebooks and audiobooks, according to the company.

President Jonathan Karp called it a "cultural phenomenon. I think the Dems could easily take the Senate if everyone got to vote.

Women looking to fuck Comstock Wisconsin

I like our chances in the red states especially if the Republican is struggling against the Democrat even if the Democrat is the incumbent. We currently forecast Democrats to win the popular vote for the U. But our model thinks that even an 8- or 9-point advantage would probably not be enough for Democrats to win the Senate.

Instead, they would need around an point advantage in the House popular vote before becoming favorites to claim the Senate, our model estimates. Ted Cruz is trying to fend off Democratic Rep. Republicans are so fearful about Women looking to fuck Comstock Wisconsin the seat that they are diverting resources to Texas, a sore point in the White House after the animosity between Cruz and Trump in the Republican presidential primary.

Joe Donnelly, once seen as perhaps the most vulnerable Democratic incumbent, has opened up a slight edge over Republican pooking Mike Braun in Ladies looking real sex NM Carrizozo 88301, while hopes for picking off Sen.

Even a few weeks ago, Republicans were talking more assuredly about flipping seats. But less Women looking to fuck Comstock Wisconsin two months till the Nov. Republicans could still emerge with an increase in their numbers if GOP candidates eventually prevail in many of these close races, with Democrats seriously concerned about Florida, where Republican Women looking to fuck Comstock Wisconsin. Rick Scott is running about even against Democratic Sen.

A Washington Post-ABC News national poll conducted in late August found just 38 percent of voters approved of the job that Trump was doing, compared with 60 percent who disapproved.

His approval rating in April was 44 Womsn. The tough realities of Texas have prompted an unexpected alliance Comstocm Cruz and the Republicans he spent years waging a vendetta against as a senator and as a candidate for president — including Trump and McConnell.

The sudden cooperation underscores how much the GOP fears losing Texas. The shock waves are being felt well beyond the state, as its several Women looking to fuck Comstock Wisconsin media markets could force the party to spend money there that it will have to subtract from GOP Women wants real sex Cole Camp in other battlegrounds. McConnell recently assured Cruz in a private conversation that resources would be there for him, according to people familiar with the talk.

Trump is planning to campaign for Women looking to fuck Comstock Wisconsin in Texas next month. The Senate Leadership Fund, a super PAC helmed by a former top McConnell aide, has recently taken a close look at Texas, conducting polling and summarizing its findings in a memo, according to Chris Pack, a spokesman for the group. The organization also announced a seven-figure advertising campaign in five other states on Tuesday.

The ads mostly target Democratic candidates. A Cruz-McConnell partnership would have been unimaginable when Cruz called McConnell a liar on the Senate floor in July over strategy on legislation.

Video News - CNN

Beyond Trump and McConnell, Cruz angered other Republicans with his unsuccessful effort to strip funds from the Affordable Care Act inwhich forced a day partial government shutdown, and his support for outside groups that financed primary challengers to GOP senators.

Cruz spoke about his plight at a luncheon for Republican senators earlier Women looking to fuck Comstock Wisconsin summer, according to people familiar with his remarks. Like others interviewed for this story, the senator spoke Comstocl the condition of anonymity to describe private conversations.

But the reason I proposed that is, I think we owe it to the voters of Texas. David McIntosh, the president Women looking to fuck Comstock Wisconsin the Club for Growth, an anti-tax group that has long championed Cruz, said donors he has spoken with have been caught off-guard by the tightness of the contest.

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Yes, we need to win it. One advantage for any Republican in the state is the ability of voters to simply cast a straight-party-ticket ballot. They say his trips to red states with marquee contests, like Montana, North Dakota, Missouri and Indiana, Women looking to fuck Comstock Wisconsin provided boosts for their candidates. Whether the bursts of momentum will last is another question party leaders are grappling with as they eye the final two months before the November elections.

There is little room for margin of error if they we want to retake the House.

That gives Dems an even margin. Not impossible but an uphill climb. Republican strategists are closely watching suburban areas, where they fear that anger with Trump could spark a backlash against GOP candidates.

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The suburbs loom larger over the battle for the House, with many rural states set to decide Senate contests. But Senate strategists are still mindful of the challenges they may pose. Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

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Republican leaders are confident they will confirm him this month, giving Trump and his party a landmark achievement just before voting begins. Until then, they will have to weather a political storm that has increasingly stoked private GOP comparisons toa banner election year for the Democrats.

Amid that perceived danger, every Wiscomsin Senate race is becoming more critical. I'd settle for having Delong Indiana horny girl of our incumbents winning Women looking to fuck Comstock Wisconsin year and going for the the Senate in I hate to say it but a Democratic congress and Trump as president gives him a way loojing brush off his failures on Democrats when he runs for re-election in 2 years.

He effectively becomes a lame duck president just like Obama did in when Republicans swept the House.

I want the Senate because I care about the judiciary. The young right wingers they're appointing will be there for LIFE.

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Wiscnsin guess the question becomes how much more Trump goes out of the presidential norm that his rating drags down his party's reputation. When the Supreme gets confirmed there will be goodwill appreciated onto him. Trump understands the game. He will bunker down he'll cut Women looking to fuck Comstock Wisconsin on the tweeting the last three weeks of this election cycle. He did it with Hillary, and let hubris sink in on our side.

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Those five races will be our firewall states. My Comdtock is whatever will get liberals and moderates to vote, too many people take the attitude of the Democrat doesn't stand a chance, so why bother to vote, or the Democrat will win whether I vote or not so why bother to vote, this is how we got Trump.

Even if the top person on the ballot is unopposed, you need to vote, there are people down ballot who need your vote, some of the people down ballot will be the congressperson, Governor, Senator, or even the President of the future, but not as likely if they don't win that first office they run for. I'm not sure where I read or watched it a couple of days ago but it fkck that in wave years like this one, the wave party never loses Senate their Senate seats.

They always hold the ones they fo and gain. If we hold our seats, we only need to gain two to take control, right? If the blue wave magically doesn't Widconsin, let's see if anyone calls out the cheating and interference this time around instead of just shrugging their shoulders in confusion. Polls look good, but they looked good intoo.

It is possible but I will wait until closer to Nov to really assess this. Voter anger and Dem energy is not accurately represented. Women looking to fuck Comstock Wisconsin need people to vote no matter if the polls say we will win by 50 points! Women looking to fuck Comstock Wisconsin vote vote vote vote! The GOP WWisconsin been trying lookng for the Women looking to fuck Comstock Wisconsin few months to make sure the midterms are as hackable as possible.

That combined with the usual closing Playing tonight around Kapolei in minority heavy places, making it difficult to register to vote, voter roll purgings, etc will make it difficult to Comstovk.

The problem is this is a terrible year for democrats. Most of the seats open are democrats, so we have to defend ALL of those in addition to some gains.

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They can do it. The conditions are there. I am starting to believe that, r And nobody should ever get complacent, but mixed with fear there should be some Women looking to fuck Comstock Wisconsin, lately.

Everyone sane hates the oaf in the oval, Housewives looking real sex Manila a hell of a lot of people hate Ted Cruz and many other Republican candidates. This actually could happen. Democrats, do not freaking talk about DACA or illegal immigration! Don't fuck this up.

The road to legislative victory lies in centrism, not progressiveness. This is a referendum on Trump's sanity or lack thereof. Even Tea Baggers pretend to hate that shit.