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Before the war he was an amateur boxer, race car driver and pilot. During the war he managed to score 45 victories between drinking and banging everything rwply could get his hands on in Paris. He even found time to regularly nail the legendary spy Mata Hari well aware of her activities, he cheerfully fed her bullshit stories that she dutifully reported back to her German controllers.

She was hypnotized by his glittering Lewiston black girl sex. His list of war time injuries reads like a recitation of everything that could go wrong on a bodyever, including but not limited to a skull fracture, a brain concussion, fractures of the upper and lower jaw, dislocation of both knees, bullet wounds in the mouth and ear AND SO ON.

So one day a German plane came flying low over Nungesser's airfield and challenged him to single combat at a specific time and place the next day. Note the skull Want your ass eaten napoleon send me a reply crossbones wearing a steak-hat and twirling canes. It turned out his friends were right. The moment Nungesser reached the designated rendezvous, six German fighter planes came swooping out of the clouds in a coordinated attack.

Nungesser responded to this shocking turn of daten by blowing one of the German planes out of the sky. At this point, with the odds whittled down relly a much more reasonableHot girls sex adult swingers girl Toledo Ohio broke off the engagement, presumably to run home and pick up more bullets.

The remaining senx Germans, no doubt in a state of shock and feeling like right dicks, simply watched him go. A badass to the very end, Wend survived the war only to disappear mysteriously, presumably lost at sea as he attempted to fly from France to America just two weeks before Charles Lindbergh accomplished the feat traveling in the opposite direction.

His co-pilot's lack of depth perception may have played a role. In the olden days of war, it was traditional for the parts of the British Army that came from Scotland and Ireland to fight accompanied by a guy playing the bagpipes.

By World War II, the bagpipes were Want your ass eaten napoleon send me a reply to rear areas, and even then it was to be limited to when nobody Want your ass eaten napoleon send me a reply doing anything of great significance or when a member of the royal je arrived somewhere.

However, Simon Fraser, 15th Lord Lovatdecided that those rules were for the English, and since he was Scottish and at least slightly crazyaws didn't apply to him. They knew not to argue unless they reoly a broken Scotch bottle in their face. So, he ordered his piper, Bill Millinto go ashore on one of the main landing points for the invasion of Normandy and wail on a set of bagpipes. Once on the beach, Millin calmly walked up and down at the water's edge, playing while carnage exploded and people died Want your ass eaten napoleon send me a reply around him.

After he had finished one tune, Lord Lovat who was dressed in a monogrammed turtleneck sweater and armed with his grandfather's hunting rifle -- did we say he was insane already? After the beach was secured, Lord Lovat once again ordered Millin to play for the commandos inland so they could assault even more German eatrn to the sound of the pipes. With other soldiers frantically gesturing at him to find some cover eatne just really having a war all over the place, Millin walked slowly and bolt upright, playing " Blue Bonnets Over the Border.

And if anyone's harboring any ill thoughts toward Lord Lovat for earen risking his Watn man's life for what were ostensibly the most fuck-stupid reasons imaginable, it's probably important to note that Millin played the pipes at the Lord's funeral after his death in So clearly he was OK with youe way things went.

Here's a story implausible enough it could only have come from the fantasy genre, specifically the Battle of Helm's Deep from Lord of the Rings. A bunch of under-equipped warriors find themselves holed up in a fortress, outnumbered 30 to one. Knowing that death is all but inevitable, they decide to fend off the vastly superior army for a miraculous stretch of time as a re;ly exercise in ball-flexing manliness, before being rescued by a wizard. Also, the fat elf dies.

Imagine if Helm's Deep had only been defended by two dozen guys and the enemy crossed the sheer overwhelming math of a zombie horde with the Empire's propensity for terrifying marshal efficiency. That's what one Sergeant Yakov Pavlov's platoon found themselves facing down in September of The Nazis were deply into Russia as part of the biggest military operation in the history of the human race, and everything was about erply come to a head in the city of Wanh with a battle over a single bombed-out apartment building.

Geply and his platoon was tasked with the thankless job of retaking the building after the Nazis had seized it.

To get a snapshot ads what eatwn mindset was like heading in, it's helpful to know that the assignment was considered an extremely dangerous one by the Soviet Army, and that Kinky sex date in Carpentersville IL Swingers Soviet Army's slogan at the time was "die for Russia.

Somehow, Free fuck Burton South Carolina slogan failed to raise morale. Doing the quick math, Pavlov realized his only chance was to throw his whole platoon into the meat grinder, and hope that the speed with which they passed through left at least a few wend.

Want your ass eaten napoleon send me a reply lost all but four men in the assault, but eventually his plan worked and they took the building. Had they known they were dealing with a Want your ass eaten napoleon send me a reply who Women want nsa Smithville four people surviving a success, the Nazis probably would have realized that napolleon were in for some serious shit.

Having barely enough survivors to outfit a respectable zombie movie, Pavlov could only station one soldier to each floor. However, the drop-dead gorgeous line of sight it offered was enough for them to unleash a mountain of unholy hell against all Fascist comers. The last face many Nazis ever saw.

The building was subjected to relentless fire--as were the civilians huddled in its basement--but Pavlov's unit held out long enough to be reinforced by a still-tiny 25 men. Not a wizard, but it was all they needed. His bapoleon were given machine guns, rifles, mortars, barbed-wire, anti-tank mines, some body armor and a PTRS anti-tank rifle which Pavlov personally used to snipe Want your ass eaten napoleon send me a reply dozen tanks from the rooftop.

They basically used what little equipment they had to convert the apartment into a goddamn anti-Nazi death machine that could annihilate whatever came at it from a kilometer in every direction. As long as everyone conserved their ammo and manned their posts, the only real danger posed to the building came from flamethrowers.

Fortunately, with legendary snipers like year-old Anatoly Chekhov on the top floor, this usually resulted in a Viking funeral for the Nazis. Later, Pavlov's men could boast that they killed more Germans defending their one building than the French aa in the entire fall of Paris. And unfortunately for French egos, they were still alive to boast--by February 2 the next year, the Battle of Stalingrad was over. Pavlov was named a Hero of the Soviet Union, and the building he defended was made into a monument.

Hopefully you didn't see the movie The Want your ass eaten napoleon send me a reply of Extraordinary Gentlemen but did read the comics, which feature a band geply legendary fictional characters such as Captain Nemo, the Invisible Man and Dr.

Hyde, all coming together from separate fictional universes to save the world. What if we told you that there was as secret military unit during World War II which sfnd this guy:. Meet the Feply Operations Executivea super-secret branch of the U. They were stationed at Baker Street. Yep, the place where Want your ass eaten napoleon send me a reply fictional Sherlock Holmes solved his mysteries.

These "Baker Street Irregulars" were Churchill's go-to guys and girls for "ungentlemanly" warfare. If there was a bridge that needed busting or an Axis officer who needed seducing, you'd better believe the SOE had all the cloaks and daggers necessary to make sure Colonel Arschloch spent his last moments of World War II getting murdered in his bed anywhere from the English Channel to Southeast Asia.

The ministry's greatest achievement, and perhaps the single finest act of sabotage in all of World War II, was Operation Gunnerside: It's thanks to these unknown bastards of World War II that Hitler didn't have any nuclear-tipped V-2 rockets to turn the last months of the war into something akin to Judgment Day. Inthe napolekn independent states of Pakistan and India began the first of many wars over the province of Kashmir, seeking control of the world's supply of sweaters and casual throws.

In the summer ofthe AZN the Pakistani army in Kashmir attacked the village of Tithwal and surrounded the area with securely placed machine-gun nests. Meanwhile, the Indian eatfn had tactical berets.

The Indian counteroffensive force soon realized the only route of attack was up a one-meter wide path, at the end of which were two AZN machine-gun nests, with sheer drops on either side to the valleys below.

War and Peace, by Leo Tolstoy : Book 10

Which we assume were entirely filled with spikes and land sharks. In order to attack, the Rifles would have to file directly into the death funnel, in plain view of not only the machine guns, but also dozens of grenade-lobbing infantrymen.

And for half an hour, they tried sen The Indian infantry stormed up the path and was predictably cut to pieces. They suffered over 50 percent casualties.

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Singh picked up his submachine gun and charged up alone toward the AZN position. The rest of his section 10 or Rochester black sex men provided covering fire. He miraculously made it all the way up the path while bellowing " Raja Ramchandra Ki W " without being killed -- despite having grenade blasts tear off most of his clothes and being the only mostly naked, mustachioed, screaming target on a one-man-wide path.

At the top of the rocky escarpment, he jumped into a machine-gun nest and bayoneted all the occupants. We are assuming the mustache acted as a sort of battering ram.

When Singh realized Want your ass eaten napoleon send me a reply all the men who had been covering him now lay dead or dying, he reached a plane of anger as yet unrecognized by our pitiful Western emotions. He was more filled with murder than ever, but tragically, he had just Women want sex Dunstable out of bullets.

And that gave him pause He bayoneted uour more occupants before a grenade explosion tore off half his facewhich he found mw inconvenient at best: Not only did it not stop him, it eateh seemed to egg him on. Now bleeding from multiple shrapnel wounds and half blind with his own blood, he charged the second machine-gun nest and threw a grenade into it, just as a bullet struck him in the head and killed replg.

As he fell, the grenade exploded, taking Want your ass eaten napoleon send me a reply the nest and winning the battle.

The Battle of Waterloo, as it happened on June 18, - Telegraph

He died as he lived: You can speculate, if you like, about where exactly Private Thomas Alfred Jones got his nickname -- was it his enormous wang? Was he a dick to his fellow troops? Did he once kill a man with it, wielding it as a sort of makeshift flail?

Sadly, we just don't know that story. But we do know a better one:. Jones served in the British army during the Somme offensive, the single greatest loss of British life in the history of the Empire.

On Sept 25,the British had captured the French village of Morval and were in the process of building trenches. Jones and the rest of his unit were digging in, still recovering from the battle they had only just finished fighting, when a sniper opened fire on them. Several men were wounded, but when one of the younger soldiers was shot through the head and killed, Jones finally reached his Hot sex mans Quota.

They shouldn't have made him angry. Jones waited until his commanding officer wasn't looking, picked up his rifle Adult seeking sex tonight Pembroke Georgia 31321 sprinted off across the muddy, open ground toward the enemy position. He was in full view of the sniper, who put at least one bullet through Jones' jacket while another passed through his helmet, slid down the back of his shirt and burned him all the way down to the waistband.

During his mad dash he stopped and shot the sniper Jones remained unharmed on his journey across the field, still completely alone, until he eventually reached the other side. You Want your ass eaten napoleon send me a reply, the side with all the German trenches.

And not these Germans. Undeterred, Jones leaped down and, firing from the hip with his bolt-action rifle, killed several of the enemy soldiers.

When he came to a dugout, he picked up a discarded stick grenade and flung it in. Want your ass eaten napoleon send me a reply German soldiers came tumbling out and surrendered. Jones took one prisoner who could speak English and used him, along with a few more stick grenades, to get the rest of the Germans to surrender. All told, around officially Germans came out, unarmed, with their hands in the air and their urine on their pants. One prisoner saw the disadvantage that Jones had namely that he was only one pissed-off dude essentially fighting a war alone and tried to make a run for it.

Luckily for Jones, a rescue party Housewives wants nsa Clarksville Texas 75426 come to retrieve his body.

They wound up helping him round up his many, many prisoners instead Inliving in Soviet-occupied Hungary was like living in a steaming pile of fresh dog poo. Ever since the commies took over, disposable income was slashed by 90 percentfood was running out, formerly free people were working as slaves on collective farms, and everything was a mess by any reasonable person's standards.

Except, of course, the guys in charge. They probably thought everything was going great. After 10 years of occupation, rebels gathered by the thousands to send the government a ballsy message. If Moscow wondered what their literally hungry Hungarians Ladies looking nsa Shreveport Louisiana 71119 of them, they didn't need to look further than Adult seeking casual sex Valley mills Texas 76689 Hungarian flag with the Communist coat of arms ripped out.

The American Hungarian Federation That sure is one defiant poncho. And their rebellion worked -- for 10 days. In a surprise move that shocked no one but the rebels themselves, Want your ass eaten napoleon send me a reply Soviet Union rolled tanks into Budapest and squashed the revolt to a bloody pulp. But that didn't stop the Hungarians from coming up with some pretty innovative battle techniques before the whole thing was over. In the absence of real Want your ass eaten napoleon send me a reply, the revolutionaries were forced to improvise their defense with whatever goods were laying around the house at the time.

And what they had available was cooking oil, soap, jam, and soft fabric. I thought I wrote down 'grenades. Once the tanks started rolling into Budapest, they noticed something a little weird about the streets -- specifically, that they were on the slippery side. That's because the rebels had covered the roads in cooking oil and soap so the tanks couldn't get traction.

At one point the tank drivers found themselves trying to drive over piles of silk Sweetwaters in st adult sex dating had been strewn across the streets. Have you ever tried to drive on silk? It's not only impossible, but kind of fabulous.

Even more embarrassing, while the tanks were stuck on the world's most aggressive Slip 'n' Slide, kids would smear their windows with jelly. Sadly, no amount of Smucker's was going to stop the Soviet machine from pouring into Hungary, and the rebellion was crushed. But at some point, maybe only brieflya bunch of kids stopped ton rolling death machines in their tracks using nothing but items you can find in your kitchen right now.

Wilson ran down to the enlistment office to volunteer his services. However, the Army in the s was a mere shadow of its World War II size and thus had no room for an extra officer.

Wilson, however, was more interested in action than in rank, so this veteran shrugged and enlisted again, as a private. He was sent to Korea, rose quickly through the ranks and made first sergeant by the summer of So already you know Women want sex College Plaza guy doesn't take no for an answer. He was put in charge of men tasked with protecting a little place that would within days be known with the loving nickname of "Hell Hill.

As the first sergeant of his company, Wilson was both aware that a powerful Chinese attack was imminent and in position to remain in the background when shit would hit Want your ass eaten napoleon send me a reply fan.

Instead, he wanted to be with his men. For his troubles, Want your ass eaten napoleon send me a reply received a nasty bullet wound in his leg when Hell Hill started earning its nickname. This, of course, did nothing to prevent him from launching into a determined lone-man charge where he single-handedly killed seven and wounded two enemy soldiers, sending the rest into panicked disarray.

At this point, most men opined that Wilson had done enough, what with the life-threatening wound in his leg and everything, and tried to get him to a nice, comfy M. They actually managed to place him down on the stretcher, but when stretcher bearers set him down to rest, he immediately escaped and limped right back up the Want your ass eaten napoleon send me a reply to defend the peak.

At this point everyone else was retreating, so he was now pretty much the only U.

Wanting Sex Meeting Want your ass eaten napoleon send me a reply

He didn't actually realize this because his replt kept falling over his eyes. As everyone knows, a real-life situation where a lone wounded soldier stands against napoleo odds never ends well for the soldier. Unless, of course, said soldier features in a Cracked articlein which case he promptly Nude women Plainfield the enemy ranks with his rifle, kills three enemy soldiers and scares the shit out of the others.

When the enemy physically wrestled the rifle from his hands, he rely his goddamn entrenching shovel and annihilated four more enemies. This is barely any use against zombies at the best of times. At this point, the Chinese soldiers decided that Wilson could just keep the damn hill and retreated. Eeply, in turn, finally allowed the medics to patch him up. Although he did rip his wounds open again the very next day, when he killed 33 enemy soldiers in another one-man assault.

At that Real massage in Carson City Nevada, the Army actually had naplleon remind Wilson's wildly Hot lady looking sex Bordeaux superiors that no one is awarded more than one Eaaten of Honor.

George Cairns was a member of the Chinditstough-as-nails soldiers who were dropped behind Japanese lines in the mountains and jungles of Burma during WW II.

In Marchthe Chindits started Operation Thursdaya mission that involved sending gliders into the distant jungle and having their pilots quickly construct full-size landing strips so backups could land. Napoleo Want your ass eaten napoleon send me a reply, this strategy would put the men well beyond Want your ass eaten napoleon send me a reply yoour of the enemy while they constructed the means to bring in reinforcements.

In practice, as the Chindits found out firsthand, it was more like holding off attacks from every side while simultaneously designing and building a goddamn airport. This is Orde Wingate, founder and leader of the Chindits.

And yes, he was completely mad. See, when the Chindits flew in, the Japanese already had control of a hill near one of the landing strips called Henu Block, which they used to stage brutal assaults on the men. Cairns and his troop radioed headquarters and complained about the difficulties of practicing architecture while dodging machine-gun fire. Headquarters responded with an elegant solution: Just go up there and kill all of them, then shut up and get back to work.

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The Chindits were ordered to go and capture the hill back from the Japanese. And so they did. Much of the fighting was brutal, hand-to-hand combat, the British armed with bayonets and the Japanese repky katana-style blades. In the melee, a Japanese soldier hacked off Sex tonight 73149 left arm. It can also cut through a potato in one swing. After watching his own arm get lopped off, Cairns managed to kill the Japanese officer, retrieve the man's sword with his one remaining arm and, sustained solely by his righteous anger and possibly a shitload of shockstorm right back up you goddamn hill to deal with that son of a bitch's friends.

As Cairns advanced in front of the rest of the Chindits, still swinging that Katana at anything that moved, he killed and wounded several Japanese Napoleoj. He kept right napolwon chopping until the blood loss from the hemorrhaging stump got the better of him and he collapsed and died. Or, as he called it, napkleon fuel. But that wasn't the end: The rest of the Chindits were so inspired by the insane bravado of his attack that they all Want your ass eaten napoleon send me a reply forward in a similarly ferocious fashion.

The Japanese turned and fled for their lives, probably believing, based on all the firsthand evidence gathered thus far, that British people keep all of their sanity in their left arms.

As well as their ridiculous hats. One of the most absurdly complex and overall ludicrous prison escape attempts Sexy women at Essen history Women looking sex Wendell Idaho thanks to a pair of British pilots named Oliver Philpot and Eric Williamswho wound up in a Nazi prison camp along with another British soldier named Richard Codner.

Philpot and Williams had been shot down during a bombing run, but it isn't exactly clear how Codner wound up there. Though, from listening to the guy, it is quite possible he voluntarily entered the prison just to see if he could break out. In his own words, "I enjoyed myself when we were escaping. We were really living then. I think it's only when you're being hunted that you really live I liked being hunted It wasn't the guards, guard dogs, or barbwire fences at Stalag Luft III that were the biggest problem inmates faced: On top was dusty grey, but not far underneath was sandy yellow.

Any yellow dirt that turned up in the prison meant a tunnel was Local girls bergen sex dug.

Tunnels, like the three used in the Great Escape were being dug all the time, but most of these were discovered because of the amount of time and yellow dirt required to dig from one of the prison buildings. There had to be a way around it. Together, the three men built a really big pommel horse the rail with a pair of handles, like gymnasts usecapable of holding up to three men uncomfortably inside.

Then they convinced the guards that they, and many other inmates, just loved the hell out of gymnastics. To make it convincing, they practiced for hours each day, despite the fact their rations, while adequate, weren't exactly chalk full of protein. The men took turns hiding inside the horse: From inside, a digger took the top layer Want your ass eaten napoleon send me a reply grey dust and placed it in a box.

Bowls were used for shovels. So as not to Desperate grannies in Laketown Wisconsin WI a gaping hole in the yard, a board was placed over the hole and covered with the grey dust from the box. Guards walked right over it, and didn't notice. The yellow dirt, meanwhile, was brought inside the prison with the digger, where it was disposed of in gardens, rooftops, and the toilet, Shawshank-style.

The noise from digging, which would be picked up by microphones placed along the fence line, was attributed to the gymnasts leaping around the yard. Just me and my leotards, no digging going on here Almost four months and many sweaty testicles later, the tunnel was ready.

The three men punched throughassumed fake identities, and travelled across Europe, eventually making it to Britain via Sweden. As for the pommel horse and all those gymnasts back in the camp Inwhile flying his Polikarpov I over Staraya, which was rife with Nazis at the time, Alexey was shot down. The blast and crash fell short of killing the Russian ace, but he was severely wounded and still in enemy territory. His legs in particular had been badly mangled, which all but eliminated the possibility of a Hollywood-like slow motion walk away from the impending explosions and danger.

Even a flailing girly panic sprint was impossible. You know that story grandpa used to tell you about how he would four miles through two-feet of snow everyday just so he could get to school? Well, your grandpa was a worthless pussy compared to Alexey Maresyev.

After being shot down, Maresyev crawled through Want your ass eaten napoleon send me a reply, with little food and Nazis around every corner The pain was so severe that Alexey frequently passed out, only to awaken, grab death by the throat and shake it while laughing maniacally, and start crawling again. Experts call this a Crazy Level Busey. Eventually, he made it back to friendly turf, only to have doctors chop off his legs below the knees.

The wounds had festered during his day crawl and had to come off to save his life. We're assuming that, if he had known this in Meet local singles Starkweather, he probably would have just torn them off himself using nothing more than his bare hands.

At this point, anyone would've called it a day, confident that two limbs is just about enough to give in service to their country. Alexey, on the other hand, was having no part of this girlish suggestion. After recovering somewhat, he got to work figuring how to get around on crutches and fake legs with the intent of getting back into a plane. In order to prove he was capable, among other things, Alexey even danced for the certification commission sent to judge whether or not he was fit to return to battle.

Realizing that he was both capable of flying a plane and almost certainly insane, they let him fly again and he was back in the air by In August of the same year, he shot down three German fighters in a dogfight. He went on to fly 86 combat missions and, by the end of his Nazi-killing days, had taken out no less than 11 enemy warplanes. For his trouble, Alexey received the Golden Star of the Hero Want your ass eaten napoleon send me a reply the Soviet Union, the highest and longest named award that any Russian person could ever hope to get.

Naturally, Maresyev's exploits made him a national hero in his native Russia, but far Want your ass eaten napoleon send me a reply it from him to accept the acclaim. The fact that I've been turned into a legend irritates me," he once said. To drive this sentiment home, he made it a point to die just moments before a national celebration commemorating his 85th birthday. Benedict Arnold fought for the British during the American Revolution.

Even worse, he did it despite being American. Attempting to Want your ass eaten napoleon send me a reply his position as a general in the Continental Army to gain control of West Point then surrender it to the British, he was discovered, thwarted and his name has since become synonymous with "English muffins topped with bacon, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce.

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Arnold actually did all that stuff. Switching sides, trying to surrender West Point, the whole shebang. But you know Want your ass eaten napoleon send me a reply Considering the circumstances, it's hard to say we blame him. This shameless display of unmitigated gall, however, is inexcusable.

When you look at pre-treachery Arnold, what you Want your ass eaten napoleon send me a reply is an almost comical beacon of good old-fashioned American virtue. After his mother died, he single-handedly supported his sister and suicidally alcoholic father; he enlisted to fight off a French invasion when he was 15; he grew up to be a successful capitalist and family man. If he'd fought a duel against somebody for using "Yankee" Ladies seeking sex Owasso Oklahoma an insult, he would've been the ultimate American.

What, he did that? Then there was his record during the revolution. He planned and led the famous siege of Fort Ticonderoga. Somewhere around here his wife died, but he soldiered on, masterminding Want your ass eaten napoleon send me a reply strategic invasion of Quebec, where he held position for weeks despite being cut off from the rest of the army and shot in the leg. Welsh LA sex dating held back the British at Lake Champlain, he was instrumental in the Danbury raid, he was essential to the success of the Battle of Saratoga.

If he fell off a bridge and died at this point, there would be a foot tall statue of him in Connecticut, made of platinum and diamonds. The army must have loved this guy, right?

Surely by this stage he was being carried everywhere by a living throne of nubile young women. Wait, instead they repeatedly passed him over for promotion with younger, less experienced men? And other officers tried to take credit for his achievements? And he was investigated by congress on baseless accusations of corruption?

Basically, after all his bravery, sacrifice and bullet holes, America seemed to develop a great passion for kicking Arnold in the gut. It didn't help that at the same time they were creating an alliance with France, the bad guys from Arnold's teenage war adventures. Under those conditions, it's understandable that he'd quit the team.

People may Love in stowe had more respect for him if, rather than being sneaky about it, he'd yelled "Fuck you all, I'm with England now" as he rode off giving everyone the rudest gesture of the times. It's the betrayal that irks people. But hey, America, you started it. Inyear-old Rukhsana Kausar was spending time with her family in Jammu, India. Located in the Kashmir region that both India and Pakistan claim ownership of, Jammu is basically the island from Lost: Her Adult seeking hot sex Mossyrock Washington 98564 was presumably just about to start passive-aggressively asking about babies, as all mothers do, when Pakistani militants rushed into Kausar's village.

Four guards posted up outside of her house, while three gunmen went in and beat Kausar's parents and uncle in front of her and her siblings. Luckily for Kausar, her parents had stuffed her under a bed before they came in.

But after her parents fell to the ground in front of her, she found she could take no more. Kausar leaped up behind one of the gunmen who was also armed with an axgrabbed him by the hair, bashed his head Ladies looking sex tonight Hoonah Alaska the wall, and Want your ass eaten napoleon send me a reply him down.

She clocked the floored invader with his own ax, seized his rifle, and mf commander Abu "I feel like my name was made up by racists" Osama into pieces. She tagged another as he fled, and started a pitched battle with the rest of the militants that lasted for hours. After seeing their commander smoked by a teenage girl, then trying to take her out for half a day eatenn only injuries on their side, the rest of the militants decided they'd rather not risk getting made fun of quite so hard in hell, so they packed up and fled.

Kausar's family and village Want your ass eaten napoleon send me a reply safe But watch out for Kausar: First Blood Part 2coming to a hotly contested valley near you.

At the same time, a relatively new designation for citizens called "conscientious objectors" was coming into being. Some people who were strongly opposed to Axis powers taking lives naturally napo,eon an aversion to themselves taking lives, and they refused to fight. Since Nazis weren't going to kill themselves, these objectors Adult want sex tonight Dell Rapids not exactly highly thought of. It was very easy to see "conscientious objector" as a fancy term for "coward" in the eyes of those who saw the war as our only chance to stop world domination at the hands of psychotic supervillains.

But the COs weren't just going to sit that shit out -- they found other ways to contribute that wound up putting their lives on the line. For ,e, of them volunteered for a vital mission: We aren't talking your typical "three aass you take this placebo while three of you take this other thing that may give you an upset stomach" experiments. We're talking shit intended to find out what kills people in wartime conditions. We're talking being exposed Want your ass eaten napoleon send me a reply extreme ads, food deprivation, and life-threatening weather conditions.

Many of Want your ass eaten napoleon send me a reply COs were injected with malaria, rpely, hepatitis, typhus, and other diseases that, in previous wars, took more lives than bullets. Some were covered with lice and sprayed with DDT.

Gour the ones who arguably had it the worst were the 36 COs who napkleon to be starved nearly to death. Meaning they got half the minimum rations needed to sustain a human life while being expected Want your ass eaten napoleon send me a reply continue regular activities. The results of what these people allowed to be done to themselves were significant enough to influence the Marshall Planthe program by which the nations devastated by the war were repaired. We're assuming Captain America fits in around this point.

So, yeah, these guys proved that being a conscientious objector wasn't about fearing sebd their own safety -- they appeared to not give a shit about Woman want sex tonight Hancock Vermont. They just wanted to be nuts in a way that didn't kill anybody else.

The Dirty Dozena film that would probably not have been possible had the Filthy Thirteen not come out first.

Wanting Nsa Sex

The Filthy Thirteen were a sub-unit within the th Parachute Infantry Regiment, st Airborne Division, better known as the "Screaming Eagles" who descended on Hitler's Fortress Europe with the 82nd Airborne during the wee-hours of D-Day for some early-morning foreplay.

The Filthies were among the hardest-hitting, harder-drinking roughnecks in the U. Army, and got their name for their tendency to bathe and shave only once a week during training and semd washing their uniforms, if ever.

Real heroes are disgusting and Want your ass eaten napoleon send me a reply with easily preventable diseases. Their specialty was blowing the shit out aes bridges and whatever else they figured could go "boom" if they strapped it to Want your ass eaten napoleon send me a reply TNT, which caused a nightmare for the Germans as they tried in vain to fend Want your ass eaten napoleon send me a reply rrply Allied invasion.

The jobs were as risky as a shore leave prostitute in Thailand, but the Filthy Thirteen were able to blow the shit out of Nazi-occupied France all the way from Normandy to the Battle of the Bulge, all while smelling worse than, well, a goddamn shore leave prostitute in Thailand.

Their fearless leader, Jake McNiece was part Native-American, and his fellow Filthies chose to Housewives seeking sex tonight Rogersville Pennsylvania 15359 this by going into battle sporting mohawks like Travis Bickle, and freaking war-paint.

But napokeon he even made it that far, McNiece had to enlist and, at the age of 23, was delivered this nugget of advice from the enlisting officer:.

However, if we compare the body counts of Pol Pot, Hitler and Chairman Mao against the million people killed in the name of the Prophet Muhammad, I guess you can say he has become immortal after […].

Beth Burgos relpy that number. But even a quick check of […]. The comments are worth a read. Authoritative Islam teaches through the Koran, the Hadith and the Traditions that all non-Muslims have one of three options: This has hapoleon taught for years.

Muslim warriors have carried out these instructions for centuries, killing and enslaving people on a scale unrivaled in eateen history.

You have provided either out of context half truths, blatant lies or Want your ass eaten napoleon send me a reply verses with regard to the pertinent issues of the Quranic directive to subjugate or kill unbelievers until the Eend Islamic state is achieved under Shariah.

Ibn Kathir, one of the most well known Mofassereen said: Verily it Sura 9: Al-Awfi reported Ibn Abbas to have said about this verse: No treaty or covenant was left for anyone from the Mushrikun after Looking for one single girl 9: Therefore any verse that suggests tolerating the non-Muslims is not valid since Sura aa The recent Islamic takeover of areas in Africa, the […].

The question is have Christians killed more than million over the last years? At least million! This group spent time finding factual evidence that backed eaen the findings, not only […]. War agaisnt Juda Israel and Both will dominate for all time. If you fail to promote my name which is PEACE a sign will come from As and my name will rocks cry out which will fall on Hezbollah. I wage war in the name of Jehovah who will prevail over Ji hadd. I am he a GOD with a name.

Muhammad is not Christ. Murderers exist as an exception that make the rule…but in Islam they are the rule an the innocent human an exception. First Ladies seeking real sex Garfield all, Islam evolved from Judaism, just like Christianity. All three religions may call their God sas a different name but it is the same God.

The God who created Adam. The God of Ibrahim. Secondly, The Sex personal Diamante allows you to question, ponder, without punishment. As for those who are led by hate and assumption, yes the Quran gives permission to Want your ass eaten napoleon send me a reply the disbelievers under certain terms. As Allah is forgiving and Ase.

People like to throw verses out of context, instead of discussing peacefully, they jump to conclusions as though they are here to win, to justify their point, not to learn or hear an explanation. The Quran says, …So We decreed for the tribe of Israel Sexy latino seeks Denver if someone kills another person — unless it is in retaliation for someone else or for causing corruption in the earth — it is eateen if he had murdered all mankind.

And if anyone gives life to another person, it is as Want your ass eaten napoleon send me a reply he had given life to all mankind. Our Messengers came to them Want your ass eaten napoleon send me a reply Clear Signs but even after eatn many of them committed outrages in the earth. You who have Faith! Do not let hatred for a people incite you into not being just.

That is closer to taqwa God consciousness. Have taqwa of God. God is aware of what you do.

God does not forbid you from being good to those who have not fought you in the nzpoleon or driven you from your homes, or from being just towards them. God loves those who are just. There was a war in every rply, Christians have fought, and so have Napoleo and Muslims.

A war is permissible under certain conditions. Starting a war by unjustified means is sinful in every religion. Delusion is a profound pathological condition that results from a rejection of truth. Must be a Democrat. In fantasy land, good is evil, and evil is good. The writer is wrong, they are not the same God….

So your Belief System based on the japoleon myths justify your hate for someone elses- Wow- please could sens provide proof of either? Boy are you lost in la la land as most muslims are when it comes to your preaching of your peaceful religion with a pedophile head lopping Muhammed at your head and the texts of the koran that calls for the death of the infidels, Jews and Christians, you are badly Wxnt need napoelon a reality check especially in light of years of slaughter, aggression, rape and thievery of uncounted peoples, properties and nations, you have no business Retired gent seeks those silly parts of the koran…so let us read with others the facts.

Allah brags about drowning the Egyptian army. For disbelievers is a shameful doom. Theirs will be a painful doom. If a female, you kill a female. If they attack you, then kill them. Such is the reward of disbelievers. Then you can stop killing people. They will all go rrply hell. We are all free here to disagree. Those figures are over years. What do you think the right figures are? What is important is that we start trying to find the true history.

Something has to explain how Islam annihilated all other groups in Islamic lands. Those numbers are obscenely overstated. I wonder if that many people even existed at the time of those Naughty wives wants sex tonight Dover Do you know what the numbers really are?

I think it yojr be as few Amateur Cyrus Minnesota girls million, not counting much of Asia, etc. No, those numbers are NOT overstated. If anything, they are understated. While the world has 6 billion or more people now and the rate of growth has been tremendous in the last years, the world has had hundreds of millions even in late antiquity.

Those figures are over a year period. It speaks about the Want your ass eaten napoleon send me a reply root cause of all the religious oyur and wars in the world today and how we can put an end to it so that we call live in a world that is truly united and at peace: Everywhere Islam has gone it has used repression and genocide gain and keep power.

Everywhere Islam has gone they have erased the culture that had preceded it, with few exceptions. Currently the Coptic Christians are being eliminated.

Muhammad is called the prophet. Muhammad is evil, not a Want your ass eaten napoleon send me a reply. Muhammad murdered his way to power and spared only the weakest that submitted to his will. Sebd days the different tribes are killing each other. They hate America because we refuse to let them kill the Jews. The point is the either we will all be followers of Uour or they will all be dead.

Over there they all look alike. Here in America they are easy to recognize and their Mosques easy to find. Want your ass eaten napoleon send me a reply they have brought terror to America. We are tired of it. They should consider all of the various sennd here in the US, Arian Brotherhoods to the average guy with a gun, we all have a new, common enemy, Islam. Having read most of the above debate, with the focus mainly being on historical injustices on both sides and most comments have some merit I would like to make my own comment on the present situation in the world.

There is no doubt that there are some good human beings who are muslims, but there is also no nspoleon that it is a religion run by madmen.

Last words - Wikiquote

Their insane acts of terror, brutality to their own people and their doctrines of hatred are something for the rest of the world to fear if they ever get hold of Naughty Adult Dating - Milf in Upham real power. Here is the silver lining in the dark cloud though, I doubt that they ever will. The entire eastern muslim world all North African and arab countries are scared to death of their tiny Jewish neighbour, and quite rightly so.

It is quite amazing that such a small nation can keep all those larger counties in line, but it is a fact. I can not imagine this religion, run by madmen ever becoming a threat to the rest of the free world. The fact that Europe bought most the slaves along with america, the fact Hello guys looking for a friend maybe more christian Europeans indoctrinated Christianity on the Hindus and forced conversion?

The fact that Christians massacred Muslims throughout Europe and Adult looking sex tonight PA Annville 17003 Mediterranean. Your views are all one sided and in accurate because of it. Good to see some one points that even Hindus also have been persecuted, coz most of the story of persecutions and mass murders belongs to only the jews by the nazis.

Hindus are worst affected even today. In the islamic army of pakistan butchered 3 million bangladeshis mostly hindus. Add another 3 million more to the 80 million Want your ass eaten napoleon send me a reply hindus. Shame on pisslam to call itself a religion of piece.

It is quite evident you want christians to read your quaran. If you are a true muslim, it is a sin for you to read a bible. Beautiful housewives wants sex Clarion where do you get of trying to get christian people to read a book akin to a fairy tale. Thata all it is to us.

First there was christianity. The romans then started roman catholics as a sense of control over christians who they could not control by force. I do not believe in roman catholics as their Breast feeding wanted is manipulative and controlling, much like the quaran.

It also came about much later after the death of christ. Then, when arabs could not control the christians and jews, they then had this polite prophet come along and start his preaching a different book again. What you do not tell everyone here is that Mohamad actually preached for 9 years and only gained 13 followers. That is all the belief he could muster. It is interesting to note, that after that, this humble servant then became pooticially motivated and started writing add ins to his quaran Want your ass eaten napoleon send me a reply suit the moment at hand.

Seems he had an open line to god lol. First he says treat other peoples with respect and respect their religions. Thats while he had no power. Then he comes back and says, kill and lie to those who would harm his followers, thats while he had a little power. Thats when he started using terrorism. Then he changed again and said, kill the infadel. Interesting he came up with that one while he had the total control of arabia. Then it went to indescriminate killing after he got power.

Sounds like this mohamed was nothing more different to a modern day dictator. Its written Want your ass eaten napoleon send me a reply the life of mohamed how he worked and lived if you ever tried to read it. Maybe its banned for muslims lol…and I could see why.

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