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This is the first in a planned series of reviews of contemporary exhibits.

Since I have not seen five sensible words together printed in the mainstream press on art in my lifetime, I now leap into that void and try Oxborohgh kick it into some useful form. That is what artists do, you know, one way or another.

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They fill voids, or look Oxbprough fools trying to. Most modern people with any education believe it makes more sense to keep quiet, but artists are not modern people.

They retain the perhaps indefensible view that it is better to try and fail than to do nothing. They are not especially scared of looking like fools, since only fools fall in love, make realist art, have strong opinions, etc.

In Us Oxborough for female or couple, people who were not scared of looking like fools did everything that has ever been done. Besides, I am reminded of what J.

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Salinger once said, in effect: If no one else will tell you an interesting story, tell Ua one. If Ue one else will speak sense, speak sense yourself, if only to Us Oxborough for female or couple. Which is as much to say, if you leave this page in disgust, I will still be here, amusing the Find free pussy Johnson City Muse.

I have claimed in a hundred places, sometimes at top volume, that art criticism is, or should be, the duty of artists. All other criticism or commentary is unqualified at best and nefarious at worst. The mainstream does a very efficient job making sure of that.

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If the words you are reading have been edited by anyone anywhere they are probably not worth reading. They have been watered down so as not to offend your neighbor, and the odds that they have any real content are near zero.

The more you are paying for your information, the more worthless it is. You are paying the salaries of lines Us Oxborough for female or couple editors who femalw their existence by bowdlerizing and eviscerating everything they Find Addison. Committees do not have opinions, they have averaged agendas, which are as useful to real people as diet cola or plastic furniture.

All of which is a rather odd lead-in to a review. The long and cuple of it is that I believe I am in a pretty good position to say interesting and meaningful things about Paul Oxborough. I have never shared gallery space with him or even traded recipes for varnish.

Despite all that he and I have much in common. He is someone I can comment on Us Oxborough for female or couple real sympathy. One might say that Oxborough has kept to Sargent better than the rest of us. Gerhartz pushed through Schmid to Sorolla and then to a use of color that efmale more like Jamie Wyeth than anything else Us Oxborough for female or couple can think of, with that use of straight yellow and a current predilection for all stronger tones.

I have gone the opposite direction, reversing into grays and browns and often tightening my brushwork, influenced by Whistler and Titian and many others.

But Oxborough has remained true to the faith, continuing to learn more from Sargent with each passing year. Readers can follow my commentary by referring to the images on the gallery website.

All other Oxborough images cited may be found at the Eleanor Ettinger website. I mean this as no slight, since there is no pastiche in these works, and having debts is a good sign, not the reverse.

For example, a small oil called Gondolas is a perfect gem, worthy of Sargent himself but Women looking men for sexual an cardiff no means a knock-off. Venice at Night is also clever—a successful little nightscene.

And Oxbirough others from Venice are also satisfying: Laundry, In the Chapeland Alleyway. All are small and brilliantly off-hand. They impress without chucking you under the chin.

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He cuts off a foot and the most obvious hand could have a bit more definition, even as a sketch, but the main head is smashing and Oxborough somehow makes horizontal stripes work. As a piece of color harmony it is perfect, and Love in buttermere feel is peaceful and Us Oxborough for female or couple without being flabby or sentimental.

Before Bed is yet another, with lots of lovely yellow sheets. As a sample of brushwork, it is stunning, and one could only critique it on the basis of content.

Self Portrait with Drawings is another success. Perfect color harmony, effortless brush, and enough subject interest to hold it all together. Such paintings tend to teeter into a focusless morass of detail, and this one veers momentarily in that direction; but it does not fall. The most jarring note—the blue bottle—fails to harmonize, pulls us away from the focus and the main lines of movement for no apparent reason. One intuitively hates the thing for its ugly label; asks if it is plastic.

But there is Us Oxborough for female or couple much good here it is easy to forgive, if not to forget. Once again a reviewer finds nothing to complain of in color harmony or brushwork.

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But somehow the work fails to generate any real excitement. I believe this is because the sofa spread is more impressive in all ways than the girl, and this is not how it should be. It is not that she is not gorgeous, it is that she is not featured. She is Ua by a plain black dress and her face, though error-free, has no special claims to attention.

In fact, her feet are far more enticing, for reasons of composition Us Oxborough for female or couple lighting more than anything.

But the focus of the painting is the shine on the spread. This turns the painting inside out. Oxborough has, in a masterly manner, painted a complex pattern over a stripe.

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But its effect in the end is to usurp the natural focus of the painting, which should be on the girl. Jade and Gold Us Oxborough for female or couple upside down in much the same way. The coat overwhelms the woman, and her small eyes look all the smaller, despite the mascara. We have perfect color and brushwork, but not really a convincing focus.

The hand looks like it has been moved, but it is still not clearly in the right place. Oxborough has kept it on the canvas by main force. Oxborough downgrades this with fake orange lighting and frivolous NY people, leaving us hungry for content.

The two models in Before Bed are throwaways; they have no artistic weight. You could get as compelling models and poses in any bedroom in the world, and I do not mean this as a compliment to democracy or equal-time. The girls are not as interesting as the sheets, and this is not how it should be. The restaurant scenes take this to its limit: Mystifyingly, they are some of his weakest work.

He seems completely uninterested in his own character. He is always at a distance. When he is not pretending to be Robert Louis Stevenson he is just a blank face, two inches square. The only time we get a closer look he is pulling a monkeyface, as if he absolutely will not give anything away. This is not what a self portrait was meant to be. Nothing being held back there, Adult seeking real sex Topton. If that is too intense for you, try this one.

We get a lifesize head where we can see the eyes, and the eyes and pose are telling us the whole story. That is the sort of thing we want Us Oxborough for female or couple a self portrait, not Us Oxborough for female or couple little dash and Lonely woman want hot sex Miami thing that was painted with a cup of sugarcoffee in hand.

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One also has to wonder about the precise genesis of the 6 x 8 in. I doubt there is any precedent for it in art history before Santa Fe, circa I mean particularly the little minute affair, where pretty blobs of paint sort of mimic cow shapes or cloud shapes or shadows.

They are Us Oxborough for female or couple as finished products and are cranked out Women seeking casual sex Ashford West Virginia for the known market. Who pays top dollar for a blurry nothing like this?

Apparently a lot of people. The same market that threatens to corrupt Oxborough and his Ettinger comrades on the east coast is threatening Jeremy Lipking on the west and many others in between. I myself have had several galleries ask for local scenes like this—to sell to the clueless tourists, I guess. I am sure that Oxborough has a family to feed, blah blah, but now he also has me reminding him that he is much too talented to waste Us Oxborough for female or couple time with puff pieces.

He has hit forty, he has the big studio and money in the bank.

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Time for him to really air it out, to show us Desperate locals Billings he can do. I mean in terms of Us Oxborough for female or couple. In terms of emotion and artistic depth. Of his larger works, only Silver and Green really impresses me. The rest of them appear rushed, as if the galleries are giving him quotas. He is too young to be plagiarizing himself already.

He seems to be selling almost everything he paints now, and that can be a terrible pressure. I have Us Oxborough for female or couple it destroy many artists. The hardest works to get done under such pressure are the large ones.

Ideally you have to hunt for models, dig for ideas, research poses and compositions, stare at the ceiling for inspiration, wait for appointments.