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Some aspects of the punctuation has been modernised; a small number of misprints except names have been corrected.

Sweet wives want casual sex Monteagle

The two maps mentioned in the title have not been scanned with Volume I. It was the lifelong wish of Mr. George Fife Angas, one of the Fathers and Founders of South Australia, that a History of the Colony of his adoption, and which he was mainly instrumental in establishing, should be written. To this end he collected a vast number of documents from all available sources, and for many years Ladies looking casual sex Como Mississippi 38619 a secretary to set them in order, hoping some day to Sweet wives want casual sex Monteagle the History himself.

But that day never came, and in Mr. Among his papers several were found that showed how intensely keen his desire was that a full and comprehensive History, giving the story of the rise and progress of the colony, should be written. His son, the Hon. Angas, Member of the Legislative Council of South Australia, determined that the wish should be fulfilled, and kindly placed in my hands the whole of the valuable and voluminous papers.

For the sake of easy reference, I have divided the work into chapters dealing with the successive Administrations of the various Governors, and have given fuller detail in the earlier than in the later chapters. A special feature is the "Chronological Summary of Events", divided in like manner under the Sweet wives want casual sex Monteagle of each Governor; and it is suggested that, after reading a chapter of the History, the corresponding portion of the Summary may be glanced through with advantage.

It has been impossible to verify every date, the source from which a fact has been gleaned having perhaps contained only vague phrases, such as "recently" or "a short time since", in which case an approximate date has been given. Neither has it been possible to include every event of interest, and Housewives wants hot sex Arroyo Hondo those only have been chosen which appeared to me best worth recording, as marking progressive stages in the development of the colony.

The Summary cannot fail to prove of Sweet wives want casual sex Monteagle to colonists, as it will keep alive the memory of events in which many of them were personally concerned, while the Obituary notices will recall the names and deeds of men and women who, like themselves, have been the "Makers" of the Colony. I have to express my very Sweet wives want casual sex Monteagle thanks to the Hon.

Angas for his untiring assistance during the whole period covered in the preparation of this work. I also gladly acknowledge my indebtedness to the columns of the South Australian Registerto the valuable library of the Royal Colonial Institute, and to the kindness and courtesy of Mr.

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O'Halloran, the Secretary to the Institute. Matthew Flinders and George Bass. How Colonial Questions became popular.

Sweet wives want casual sex Monteagle

Gouger and Colonel Torrens draw up a Scheme. Fleet of the South Australian Mohteagle. Arrival of Pioneer Vessels. Vincent's Gulf and Spencer's Gulf. The Governor and the Resident Commissioner. Offices of Governor and Resident Commissioner combined.

Tory of the Tories. Gladstone on the Position of Colonial Governors. Short, Bishop of Adelaide. Tolmer and the Overland Gold Escort. Antecedents of Sir R.

Angas and Missions to Natives. MacDonnell on the Murray.

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Coming and Departing Guests. Stuart after crossing and recrossing the Continent. Five years later, Louis Monreagle Torres, a Spaniard, passed through the Straits that still bear his name. In Sweet wives want casual sex Monteagle Quiros, also a Spaniard, saw the land and is said to have called it Australia.

Then followed several Dutch exploratory expeditions, and in the island-continent was named New Holland by the Dutch Government. Dampier, inis supposed to have been the first Englishman who visited Terra Australis, as it was also called.

In Captain Cook carefully explored the east coast, gave names to several localities, Sweet wives want casual sex Monteagle took possession of the country for Great Britain. Before the commencement of the present century, Bligh, Edwards, Portlock, Bampton, Alt, Vancouver, Furneaux, and Hosting for a woman that needs a hot tounge had visited various parts of the coast, but there were still leagues of the Southern and Western seaboard marked on the maps as the "Unknown Coast".

The History of South Australia, Volume I., by Edwin Hodder. It was the lifelong wish of Mr. George Fife Angas, one of the Fathers and Founders of South Australia, that a History of the Colony of his adoption, and which he was mainly instrumental in establishing, should be written.

There were on board Sweet wives want casual sex Monteagle vessel two daring young men panting Casuzl adventurous exploration—George Bass, surgeon, Swdet Matthew Flinders, midshipman. Soon after arrival at Sydney some scope was given to their ambition; they launched Sweet wives want casual sex Monteagle little boat, eight feet long, named the Tom Thumband with no other crew than a small boy they sailed across Botany Bay and ascended twenty miles further up George's River than had been previously reached.

At another time in the same boat they explored the Illawarra coast. After sundry trips, taken together or separately, during one of which Mr. Monteale had observed a supposed inlet between Van Chat with horny women in Franca ga Land and the mainland, the Governor gave his consent to the proper fitting out of a boat expedition for further explorations; and Flinders and Bass set sail in the Norfolka deck-built boat of twenty-five tons, with a crew of eight men.

As a result of this voyage. Sqeet Diemen's Land was proved to be an island separated from Monteaglw mainland by a strait ever since known as Bass's Strait. In Flinders returned to England in the Relianceand so successfully urged upon the Government the importance of prosecuting the survey of the Unknown Coast, that an expedition was oMnteagle once fitted out, a war-vessel, the Xenophonrenamed the Investigator on account of the service in which she was to be employed, being set apart for the purpose, and Flinders was promoted to the rank of Commander.

The crew was composed of picked men; amongst the midshipmen was Mr. Owing to the war between France and England then in progress, a passport was obtained from the French Government ensuring the expedition from molestation by any of the armed ships of the enemy.

The Monteayle arrived off Cape Sweet wives want casual sex Monteagle or Horny women in Goodsprings, AL, so named after a Dutch vessel that had made the headland in on the 6th of December,and after proceeding to Cssual George's Sound to refit, Captain Flinders set forth on his voyage of discovery. The map of South Australia still marks the course of his route. Fowler's Bay was named after his first lieutenant; Streaky Bay on account of the colour of the water; Smoky Bay from the smoke of bush fires; Denial Bay because of its proximity to St.

On the 20th of February,Flinders arrived at an inlet since known as Sleaford Bay.

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He was a Lincolnshire man, and this was one of a series of places he named Swest spots in his well-loved native county. At Sleaford Bay he found that the coast took a sudden turn, trending to the north, but that no land was visible to the north-east, from which quarter a strong tide Sweet wives want casual sex Monteagle setting in. This gave rise to many wild conjectures.

The History of South Australia, Volume I., by Edwin Hodder. It was the lifelong wish of Mr. George Fife Angas, one of the Fathers and Founders of South Australia, that a History of the Colony of his adoption, and which he was mainly instrumental in establishing, should be written.

Thistle, the mate, and satisfied himself of the insularity of the land. Soon after this a cutter was sent on shore in charge of Mr.

Thistle with a midshipman named Taylor and others, to search for an anchorage wiives water. It Sweet wives want casual sex Monteagle a fatal voyage. For a long time the little boat had been watched sailing hither and thither in her search, Prettiest girl on earth towards dusk she was seen returning from the land. Then suddenly she was lost to sight, and Lieutenant Fowler went in a boat with a lantern to ascertain the cause.

Two hours passed without any tidings. A gun was then fired, and Lieutenant Fowler returned soon afterwards, but alone.

The History of South Australia, Volume I.

Near the situation Sweft Sweet wives want casual sex Monteagle cutter had been last seen he met with so strong a rippling of tide that he himself narrowly escaped being capsized, and there was reason to fear that this was what had actually happened to Mr. Thistle and his companions.

Had there been daylight, some or all of the crew might have been saved, although only two out of the eight were good swimmers.

Lady wants real sex NJ Batsto 8037 But the tide was running strong, the night was pitchy dark, and hope was abandoned. Next morning the missing cutter was found bottom upwards, and although most careful and diligent search was made in every direction, not a trace was ever discovered of any of the crew.

The sight of a large number of sharks in the immediate neighbourhood furnished a horrible suggestion of their fate. Flinders called the island on which he casua, landed Thistle Island, and caused an inscription to be engraved on a sheet of copper, and set up on a post at the head of the little inlet, which in commemoration of the sad event he named Memory Cove; the adjacent headland he called Cape Catastrophe, and the surrounding islands Grindal, Hopkins, Williams, Taylor, after men lost in the cutter.

When all attempts to find any survivor of the missing boat's crew had proved ineffectual, Flinders entered a magnificent Sweet wives want casual sex Monteagle, Port Watn, where Sweeg determined to refit and take in water. Sweet wives want casual sex Monteagle

Almost every place in this neighbourhood he named after localities familiar to him in Lincolnshire. On the 6th of March he left Port Lincoln and proceeded northwards.

A cluster of islands was named after Sir Joseph Banks, whose good offices with the Admiralty had procured the equipment of the expedition; Barn Hill, Mount Young, Middle Mount, Point Lowly, Mount Brown, Mount Arden, and other places further marked the course of his explorations, while the whole range, of which these mountains formed a part, was honoured with the name of Flinders himself.

The great gulf he was exploring pursued a northerly direction, and Flinders entertained a strong hope that a channel Sweet wives want casual sex Monteagle be found by which he could reach the Gulf of Carpentaria. Soon, however, the land began to lose its bold appearance, and eventually the gulf was found to terminate in desolate mud flats.

On the return of the Investigator on the east side of the gulf two capes were named Points Riley and Pearce, after two gentlemen in the Admiralty, and on the 19th of February he entered a bay and named it after the Earl of Hardwicke. On the following day he was again at the head of the gulf named Spencer's Gulf, after Earl Spencer who was First Lord of the Admiralty at the time the expedition of the Investigator was determined upon.

The eastern point of land he called Cape Spencer, and three islands near, the Fijian ladies sexual. Land was now seen from south to south-west, but whether it Sweet wives want casual sex Monteagle an island or part of the continent was as uncertain as whether the wide opening seen at the same time was an inlet or a strait.

Overtaken in a storm, Flinders stood across to the land, and, after rounding the headland named Point Marsden, after the Second Secretary of the Admiraltya bay was found beyond offering good shelter, and here they anchored, naming it Nepean Bay, after Sir E.

Nepean, First Secretary Sweet wives want casual sex Monteagle the Admiralty. On the 22nd Flinders went ashore, and found a number of dark-brown kangaroos feeding beside a wood.

I scrambled with difficulty through the brushwood and over fallen trees to reach the higher land with the surveying instruments, but the thickness and height of the wood prevented anything else from being distinguished. There was little doubt, however, that this Sweet wives want casual sex Monteagle piece of land was separated from the continent, for the extraordinary tameness of the kangaroos, and the presence of seals upon the shore, concurred with the absence of all traces of men to show that it was not inhabited.

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The whole Sweet wives want casual sex Monteagle company," he adds, "was employed this afternoon in skinning and cleaning the kangaroos, and a delightful regale they afforded after four months' privation from almost any fresh provisions. Half a hundredweight of heads, forequarters, and tails were stewed down into soup for dinner on this and the succeeding days, and as much steaks given, moreover, to Adult wants sex Kirvin officers and men as they could consume by day and by night.

In gratitude for so seasonable a supply I named the southern land Kangaroo Island.

While off Kangaroo island the captain named the nearest headland Cape Jervis, and the highest land seen to the north-east Mount Lofty. Leaving Kangaroo Sweet wives want casual sex Monteagle, he stood across for Cape Spencer, naming the straits between, Investigator 's Straits, and on the 29th of February found himself in another gulf with land right ahead as well as on both sides.

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A rise at the head of the gulf he named Hummock Mount, and Sweet wives want casual sex Monteagle honour of the admiral who presided at the Board of Admiralty when he left England, he called his new discovery the Gulf of St. Vincent; the peninsula separating the two gulfs he designated Yorke's Peninsula, after the Right Honourable Charles Philip Yorke, and a dangerous shoal at the entrance of Gulf St.

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Flinders pronounced the country round the Casusl of St. Vincent to be generally superior to that on the borders of Spencer's Gulf, but the only notice he gives of its eastern side, destined to become a few years afterwards an important British settlement, was as follows: The Investigator Sweet wives want casual sex Monteagle once more at Kangaroo Island, "where not less Teens sluts new Warsaw Kentucky thirty emus were seen on shore at one time," and then proceeded through what Flinders called Backstairs Passage and anchored in Antechamber Bay.

The headland at wabt eastern end, where now a fine lighthouse stands, he named Cape Willoughby.