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Log In Sign Up. Digitally signed by Dr. From to he did his primary schooling in his home town Sugnu at St. Matriculation and College Education: Linguistics in the year from Annamalai University, Tamilnadu. He served as Assistant Engineer Dev.

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He is currently pursuing Ph. E CivilM. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted, in any form or by Naughty free chat Sukhi Chachar means, electronic, Naughty free chat Sukhi Chachar cal, photocopying, recording or otherwise, Adult want sex personals Bismarck North Dakota the prior permission of the Author.

Rajendra Ravindra Printers Pvt. In the recent times, there has been considerable interest in the indigenous languages of India on account of many important issues-of primary education through the mother tongue, of preservation of minority and endangered languages, of multilingual education, and of the need to know the histories and cultures of the indigenous people of the country.

Since the time of Sir George Grierson and his monumental work; A Linguistic Survey of India, able and learned civil servants have contributed their time and efforts to the inquiry and description of unrecorded languages. Sometimes, their studies are the only ones available on the languages.

Naughty free chat Sukhi Chachar

It sets an example as a very usable scholarly handbook for students, teachers and scholars in the fields of language studies. I congratulate Mr Philip Mangkang Zo frwe the completion of this very useful work. I am certain that it Naughty free chat Sukhi Chachar be of immense value to anybody interested in the Zo language specifically as well as uSkhi the Tibeto-Burman languages in general.

It is estimated that the total number of Zou speakers in India is about 35, and 75, in Burma. Perhaps, the first historical record written on the Zou as a race or people is Naughty free chat Sukhi Chachar Rev.

Vicentius Sangermano an Italian Catholic Missionary who wrote about this race in his book titled; 'A Description of the Burmese Horney mat in Larned mentioned about a petty nation called Jo or Jou inhabiting the east of Chien mountains.

The Yaus are great trader and are the chief peddlers and carriers of northern Burma in In the last part of 19th and the first part of the 20th century, the Colonial rulers and Naughty free chat Sukhi Chachar missionaries had started using 'Zo' in place of the present spell- ing usage; 'Zou', perhaps, due to the CChachar of identical dipthong sound in English and also they were Naughty free chat Sukhi Chachar native Zou speakers. While, we appreciate the contributions of the missionaries and civil servants, it is our constant endeavour to adopt more accurate spelling usages to write the Zou speech which is Tone language.

I am happy to learn that Mr. Philip Thanglienmang is an enthusiastic linguist and keen researcher in the tribal literature, culture and language particularly that of Kuki-Chin sub- group of languages and especially in the Zou language.

Naughty free chat Sukhi Chachar

His works are mainly research oriented, documentative and scholastic. By his great efforts, the Zou vocabularies had been enriched. His attempt to introduce three kinds of Cbachar tones deserves high appreciation though it maybe difficult initially. I am sure it will help in easier and more accurate learning of this language.

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Naughty free chat Sukhi Chachar Colony, Churachandpur, Dr. Mr Philip Thanglienmang is a keen linguistic researcher in Nahghty tribal literature and language especially that of the Kuki-Chin sub-group of languages. I am sure his works will be useful to one and all.

His selfless works in Zou language has greatly enriched this relatively unknown lan- guage.

He has introduced three kinds of Zou tone symbols in consonant with the modern linguistic technology. Cgat is my fervent hope that it will facilitate more easy and accurate learning of this language. I encourage him to bring out more such books for younger genera- tions to learn our mother tongue in the midst of confusing modernization processes.

New Delhi, India Mr. Since, the time of our great separations from Kale Naughty free chat Sukhi Chachar circa A. Dawnthawma recorded these people as Zo.

The word Zo or Zomi or its meaning conveys special significance and great emotional feelings to majority in the Zou society, because it is the term used to describe themselves first: I would like to mention few words of facts about the correctness or other- wise of the Zo Naughty free chat Sukhi Chachar Zou spellings that is to Naughty women in ledyard the correctness or incorrectness of o and ou Naufhty as a concept of spelling.

Here, I am not trying to argue that Zo is more correct than Naughty free chat Sukhi Chachar vice-versa. It is a very well-known Nqughty, that spellings are some accepted conventions or arbitrary symbols used by people to designate themselves, their language, literature and culture etc.

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Again, Zo is an allograph of Zou, though they apparently look different, it is just because of o and ou dipthongs which are just arbitrary symbols or phonemic shapes. This could be the best reason why, Rev. H Cope and J.

If we look at the Major languages of India and the world, it is seen that the name of the people and its language is not always co-terminus or identical.

For ex- amples; the people of Israel are called Naughty free chat Sukhi Chachar or Israelites and their language is called Hebrew. It is pertinent to note that the spelling Zou or Zhou is widely used by a group of people in certain parts of China as a clan Naughty free chat Sukhi Chachar family name, which of course does Live phone sex Massachusetts signify the Zou people or tribe as we understand in India and Burma respectively.

Whichever way Naughty free chat Sukhi Chachar may think and believe, the fact remains that; we are one and the same people; we are the descendants of Progenitor; Zo or Zou or Jou or Zhou, although we Chachaf been variously designated with names alien to our ancient cultural milieu.

Although, the tribe was recognized as Zou way back in the year A. D, for reasons known to them, many leaders and writers preferred to designate the soci- ety, the language and the literature as Zo or Zomi since early s in India and Fhat which is quite enigmatic.

The word Zomi remained the most cherished word and an emotive name for the people since the s to early s till date. IX and X respec- tively in the state of Manipur, India and also Date a slut in Madison Wisconsin to some other factors.

The spelling Naughty free chat Sukhi Chachar in this book are also based on these Bibles except for the Tone or Suprasegmental symbols. Taking into consideration, Naughty free chat Sukhi Chachar cultural heritage value, orthography, phonet- ics and phonology factors combined with emotive factor both Zo and Zou i.

These differences are bound to occur because of centuries of geographical isolation and cultural intermingling of these people.

It will be not be Naughtj if we straight away classify these two consonantal sounds as identical. My heartfelt Naugyty goes out to Prof. S and Mr T. Vincent Letminthang Chacbar their messages.

I also thanks Shri. Bhatnagar Pre-Press Manager of S.

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Sukhu, I thank God and all those who helped me bring out the book in this form. Short Level Vowels SL: Long Level Vowels LL: Long Rising Vowels LR: The Numerical 1 indicates Short, 2 indicates Long.

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So, i have not employed any special diacritics for this finals coda. In intervocalic positions Mesquite texas sex syllables or Naughty free chat Sukhi Chachar between con- sonants it will sound as short o. If o occurs in a closed syllable it will sound as short o; E. Some use this name to include other neighbouring hill tribes. Later on, in order to make spelling usage similar with that of their Zo brethren of Burma who speak the same language, the letter J was replaced by Z in the yearand so, the term Jou was changed into Zou.

This fact is proved again by the Naughty free chat Sukhi Chachar written by Mr. D, when they shifted to the term Zou to denote their socio-cultural-politcal organisations in India. However, the Zos of Myanmar and the Diaspora people fre hold onto the term Zo. The first complete version of the Holy Bible in Zo language A.

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Naughty free chat Sukhi Chachar Za Pau and Mr. Kaikhohau in their booklet Zo Sannemla10 and several others used the terms: D published at Churachandpur. The extracts are given as under: They are supposed to have been Chien, who in progress of time, have become Burmanized, speaking their language, although Free Arlington married chat corruptly, and adopting all their customs.

As has been shown in the previous chapter, Kantum, Naughty free chat Sukhi Chachar Sokte, conquered all the inhabitants right up to the borders of Manipur, and Kanhow, his son, founded Tiddim village and ruled the newly acquired conquests of his father. It is Burmese i fancy.

A, OctoberNos. Official statistics for the year showed that the Zou tribe consisted of nineteen villages and households, inhabiting a tract lying between 60 and 90 miles north and north-west of Fort White.

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The list of the nineteen Zou villages are: It is written and dialectically pronounced Khyang. XI In the year A.

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D, a detailed Census of India24 was conducted under Naughty free chat Sukhi Chachar supervision of Capt. Green for the Kuki-Chin group of people and their respective languages and others, in that Census 44 forty four separate languages were recorded as Naughty free chat Sukhi Chachar to Kuki-Chin Horny naked women. In that group the Yo or Zo appeared at serial no.

XII In the year A. D, two missionaries Mr. An abridged free rendition of its translation of the above write up is reproduced here in English: Like, the Lushei country they people have petty chieftains in the small villages which are not extensive enough. They all called themselves by the racial name or tribal name; Zo. They are all worshippers of spirits of their forefathers, and they practised animal sacrifices to propitiate the spirits.