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The seat of the eponymous countyit is on Lake Michigan 's western shore.

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Ranked by its estimated population, Milwaukee was the 31st largest city in the United States. It is the second-most densely populated metropolitan area in the Midwest, surpassed only by Chicago. The first Wiscohsin to pass through the area were French Catholic Jesuit missionaries, who were ministering to Native Mounting Chili Wisconsin sex, and fur traders.

Inthe French Canadian explorer Solomon Chli settled in the area, and inJuneau's town combined with two neighboring towns to incorporate as the city of Milwaukee.

Large numbers of German immigrants arrived during the late s, after the German revolutions, with Poles Mounting Chili Wisconsin sex other eastern European immigrants arriving in the following decades.

Milwaukee is known for its brewing traditions, begun with the German immigrants. Beginning sxe the early 21st century, the city has been undergoing its largest construction boom since the s. The Fiserv Forum opened in late The name "Milwaukee" comes from an Algonquian word milliokemeaning "good", "beautiful" Cihli "pleasant land" compare Potawatomi: Indigenous cultures lived along the waterways for thousands of years. Many of these people had lived around Green Bay Mounting Chili Wisconsin sex before migrating to the Milwaukee area around the time of European contact.

In the second half Mounting Chili Wisconsin sex the 18th Cyili, the Native Americans living near Milwaukee played a role in all the major European wars on the American continent. During the War ofthey held a council in Milwaukee in Junewhich resulted in their decision to attack Chicago [17] in retaliation against American expansion.

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This resulted in the Battle of Fort Dearborn on Wives looking nsa Sauk Rapids 15,the only known armed conflict Mountinv the Chicago area. This battle convinced the American government that the Native Americans had to be removed Mounting Chili Wisconsin sex their land.

In exchange for their ceding their lands in the area, they Mounting Chili Wisconsin sex to receive monetary payments and lands west of the Mississippi in Indian Territory. Europeans had arrived in the Milwaukee area prior to the Treaty of Chicago.

French missionaries and traders first passed through the area in the late 17th and 18th centuries. Alexis Laframboise, incoming from Michilimackinac now in Michigan settled a trading post; and is considered the first resident of European descent in the Milwaukee region. Melleorki, Milwacky, Mahn-a-waukie, Milwarck, and Milwaucki, in efforts to transliterate the native terms. For many years, printed records Hampstead MD wife swapping the name as "Milwaukie".

The spelling "Milwaukie" lives on in MilwaukieOregonnamed after the Wisconsin city inbefore the current spelling was universally accepted. Milwaukee has three " Mounting Chili Wisconsin sex fathers ": Solomon Juneau was the first of the three to come to the area, in He founded a town called Juneau's Side, or Juneautown, that began attracting more settlers. He ensured the roads running toward the river did not join with those on Mounting Chili Wisconsin sex east side.

This accounts for the large number of angled bridges that still exist in Milwaukee today. The third prominent Mounting Chili Wisconsin sex was George H.

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He claimed land to the south of Mlunting Milwaukee River, along with Juneautown, where he built a log house in This area grew and became known as Walker's Point. The first large wave of settlement to the areas that would later become Milwaukee County and the City of Milwaukee began infollowing removal of the tribes in the Council of Three Fires. Early that year it became known that Juneau and Kilbourn intended to lay out competing town-sites. By the year's end both Mounting Chili Wisconsin sex purchased their lands from the government and made their first sales.

There were perhaps new settlers in this year, mostly from New England and other Eastern states. On September 17,the first election was held Wisconisn Milwaukee; the number of votes cast was Monutingthe three towns had grown, along with their rivalries. There were intense battles between Mounting Chili Wisconsin sex towns, mainly Juneautown and Kilbourntown, which culminated with the Milwaukee Bridge War of Following the Bridge War, town leaders decided the best course of action was Mouting officially unite the towns.

So, Mounting Chili Wisconsin sex January 31,they combined to incorporate as the City of Milwaukee and elected Solomon Juneau as Milwaukee's first mayor. Milwaukee began to grow as a city as high numbers of immigrants, mainly Germanmade their way to Wisconsin during the s and s. Scholars classify German immigration to the United States in Erlanger-KY sex dating major waves, and Wisconsin received a significant number of immigrants from all three.

The first wave from to consisted mainly of people Mounting Chili Wisconsin sex Southwestern Germanythe second wave from to concerned primarily Northwestern Germanywhile the third wave from to came from Northeastern Germany. Inthe 2. Of all those who left the German lands between and90 percent went to the United States, most of them traveling to the Mid-Atlantic states and the Midwest.

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By 34 percent of Milwaukee's population was of German background. Milwaukee gained its reputation as the most German of American cities not just from the large number of German immigrants it received, but for the sense of community which the immigrants established here.

Most German immigrants came to Wisconsin in search of inexpensive farmland. One of the most famous "liberal revolutionaries" of was Carl Schurz. He later explained in why he came to Milwaukee. But so far as I know, nowhere did their influence so quickly impress itself upon the whole social Mounting Chili Wisconsin sex as in 'German Athens of America' as Milwaukee was called at the time. Schurz was referring to the various clubs and societies Germans developed in Milwaukee.

Muonting pattern of German immigrants to settle near each other encouraged the continuation of German lifestyle and customs. This resulted in German language organizations that encompassed all aspects of life; for example, singing societies and gymnastics clubs. Germans Horney bitches in 97603 had a lasting influence on the American school system.

Kindergarten was created as a pre-school Mounting Chili Wisconsin sex children, and sports programs of all levels, as well as music and art were incorporated as elements of the regular school curriculum. These ideas were first introduced Wisconin radical-democratic German groups, such as the Socialist Turner Societies, known today as the American Turners.

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Milwaukee's German element is still strongly present today. Milwaukee boasts a number of German restaurants, as well as a traditional German beer hall. A German language immersion school is offered for children in grades K Although the German presence in Milwaukee after the Civil War remained strong and their largest wave of immigrants Mounting Chili Wisconsin sex yet to land, other groups also made their way to the city. Foremost among these were Polish immigrants.

The Poles had many reasons for leaving their homeland, mainly poverty and political oppression. Because Milwaukee offered the Polish immigrants an abundance of low-paying entry level jobs, it became one of the largest Polish settlements in the USA.

For Mounting Chili Wisconsin sex residents, Milwaukee's South Side is synonymous with the Polish community that developed here. The group's proud ethnicity maintained a high profile here for decades, and it was not until the s and s that families began to disperse to the southern suburbs.

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Get a list of Wisconsin cities by population based on Census data. 30, Mount Pleasant, 26, 31, Neenah, 25, .. , Chili and Deer Park, B SEX BY AGE, American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates. McDonald's Mount Horeb, WI or employee on the basis of age, sex, sexual orientation, race, color, creed, religion, ethnicity, national origin. Chili, WI (13 mi). Breed: Pintabian. Sex: Stallion. Color: Black. Height (hh): BL Royale Man (aka "JP") is a black/white Pintabian stallion, homozygous for the .

Three distinct Polish communities evolved in Milwaukee, Mounting Chili Wisconsin sex the majority settling in the area south of Greenfield Avenue. Milwaukee County's Polish population of 30, in rose toby Mounting Chili Wisconsin sex historically have had a strong national cultural and social identity, maintained through the Catholic Church.

A view of Milwaukee's South Side skyline is replete with the steeples of the many Mountong these immigrants built that are still vital centers of the community. Wissconsin

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Stanislaus Catholic Church and the surrounding Mounting Chili Wisconsin sex was the center of Polish life in Milwaukee. As the Polish community surrounding St. As Mitchell Street grew more dense, the Polish population started moving south to the Lincoln Village neighborhoodhome to the Basilica of St. Josaphat and Kosciuszko Park. Other Polish communities started on the east side of Milwaukee. Jones Island was a major commercial fishing center settled mostly by Poles from around the Baltic Sea.

Milwaukee has the fifth-largest Women seeking sex tonight Wanatah population in the U. Italian Americans total 16, in the city, but in Milwaukee County, they number at 38, Mounting Chili Wisconsin sex has a sizable Croatian population, with Croatian churches and their own historic and successful soccer club The Croatian Eagles at the acre Croatian Park in Franklin, Wisconsin.

The Bosnian population is growing in Milwaukee as well due to lateth century immigration after the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina. During this time, a small community of African Americans migrated from the South in the Great Migration. They settled near each other, forming a community that came to be known as Mounting Chili Wisconsin sex.

As industry boomed, more migrants came and African-American influence grew in Milwaukee.

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Byaround 9, Mounting Chili Wisconsin sex lived in Milwaukee, but the Great Depression forced many of them to move back home. In the s, the Hispanic community was beginning to emerge. They arrived for jobs, filling positions in the manufacturing and agricultural sectors.

During this time there were labor shortages due to the immigration Wisconskn that had reduced immigration from eastern and southern Europe.

Additionally, strikes contributed to the labor shortages.

Mounting Chili Wisconsin sex During the first sixty years of the 20th century, Milwaukee was the major city in which the Socialist Party of America earned the highest votes. Milwaukee elected three mayors who ran Lady wants sex Brownlee Park the ticket of the Socialist Party: Often referred to as " Sewer Socialists ", the Milwaukee Socialists were characterized by their practical approach to government and labor.

In the early 20th century West Allisand West Milwaukee were added, which completed the first generation of "inner-ring" suburbs. In the s Chicago gangster activity came north to Milwaukee during the Prohibition era. Al Caponenoted Chicago mobster, owned a home in the Milwaukee suburb Brookfieldwhere moonshine was Mounting Chili Wisconsin sex.

The house still stands on Mounting Chili Wisconsin sex street named after Capone. ByMilwaukee had grown to become one of the largest Monuting in the United States. Its population peaked atInthe Census Bureau reported city's Wiscobsin as By the late s, Milwaukee's population had started to decline as people moved to suburbs, aided by federal subsidies of highways.