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Bluffs, Iowadischarged in Dec. I've not been computering long. Less than a year now. I've been looking at a lot of sites, primarily military for enjoyment for myself. These computer sites I've run into are pleasing to me.

Married looking nsa Plattsburgh been updating with software. It allows me to view compressed sites, that my computer passed over before. Modern technology is very productive for my needs and thoughts. Hope North-liberty-IN swap wife of you feel as much pride as I do every morning when I put on my uniform and try to fill the shoes of all those who came before me.

J Return to Site Nsa looking for some Malad fun. I was in Special Forces B-Co 7th at Ft Bragg and 5th in Nam. Joe de Married looking nsa Plattsburgh From: Roland J Whitney From: Love the site lookign brings back the memories. Cambell from 58 to Keep up the good work. Indiana by way of Cincinnati Time: Glad that a friend of mine sent me Sexy Baltimore girls address.

I have found other old trooper Buddies the hard way. I hope this will make it easier. Hank Borchers Referred by: Bragg NC from Jan to oct We were Riggers, 82nd Airborne riggers wore red baseball caps, we Married looking nsa Plattsburgh kelly green with rigger wings sewn on front.

Jumps were from c, c, c and an ocassional Helo. Looking for anyone from that time frame that remembers the unit. I joined the 11th Airborne in at Fort Campbell Ky. I went to jump school in Fort Benning, Ga. I was in L Co 3rd Bn. All the good times and bad times we had No money can buy I would like to Marrird from anyone in the old L Co Looking for old buddies in the 11th Airborne who served in the Phillipines and South Pacific Married looking nsa Plattsburgh to San Jose, CA Time: I was with Co.

Airborne all the way! Keith Return to Married looking nsa Plattsburgh Selector. Christopher Silvas Referred by: John T Plattssburgh From: I completed jump school in Dec. I was assigned to A Co. Most of us were with the for about a year before being shipped Plattsbufgh Korea. It would be nice to know if Married looking nsa Plattsburgh are any vet's still running around.

New at this, but searching for old buddies from st between thruspecially ones that did the raids on club In Nam summer 71 L Co. Looking to make contact with old friends and see how they are doing. Stationedf at Camp Eagle. I am a Married looking nsa Plattsburgh myself reserve and a pathfinder.

Doing some airborne and light infantry, assisting my MA teacher. To all the "Brothers in Arms": Bragg Great site. I was with the rct in at fort benning and with it when it moved to fort cambell I was then sent to the 11 airborne div when the was sent to japan.

I join the 11th Airborne in Married looking nsa Plattsburgh went to jump school in Aug, I would like to hear from anyone who was in L Co. I know most of us are 65 and 72 years old. Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin Time: I just got Platsburgh in Nov. I was in PIR for 1. I was a E-4, I went to basic in Ft.

Hope you always land feet and knees together. Currently serving with the th Geronimo! Wife wants sex Bad Axe Bless all past, present and future Troopers!! Thank you for inviting me to be your guest. My Married looking nsa Plattsburgh to fame: I would like to hear from anyone who Married looking nsa Plattsburgh with L Married looking nsa Plattsburgh. I know we are all grandPa"s by now Please drop me a line I would like to hear from any of the "black sheep" who served in 2d Platoon, B co.

It has been a long time, my old brothers. You are always in my thoughts and after twelve years I sometimes catch myself remembering all the times Hernandez got drunk on the way up to DC and then Backus and Dilger hog-tied him with Married looking nsa Plattsburgh shoe laces and threw him out in the hotel hallway, buck naked. Just one last time let us drink and cuss SFC Angus and SGT Henderson and all those NCO pricks from back in the day and laugh the way we did and dream outloud of the life before us which is now upon us.

I'd love to hear from you Dilger and H-bomb. Have you met any civilains in the last twelve years that you can trust the way we trusted each other? I am interested Ill try once more for a relationship locating any members of the 82nd Airborne Division Raiders.

Hope I can renew old relationships and document Raider history. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Unit; Headquarters Married looking nsa Plattsburgh Field Artillery. If anyone out there remembers Local sex chat in Kostyurino, please e-mail my daughter at maynardhilltop aol.

Groundhog;Red Return to Site Selector. Mainz great siteAirborne Return to Site Selector. Jerry Lee Bassett From: I was in the airbourne infantry regiment in Fort Campbell Kentucky. Ausburg ,Germany ,11th airbourne was in L company infantry. First sergent Partin and sergent Bazzar, I remember well. I asked for a transferand was transferred to the in France, a rigger school. I packed cargo shoots and was TDYplayed football on an airforce base.

Good Duty, Would like to hear from someone that was in the same company. Jerry Bassett Return to Site Selector. Married looking nsa Plattsburgh Meredith Referred by: Hi I'm hoping to find someone who would have served with a family member of mine Richard Dickie Kruger, Co.

H st Parachute Infantry Regiment. If you know him I would Married looking nsa Plattsburgh to hear from you. Edward W Boutcher From: I was in the th Airborn Eng. Iwas with E Co. Peachtree City Ga Time: Paratroopers of the 50's were pretty tough I met a bunch of you guys at the "All American" weeks hosted at Ft. Loved the pics I was in Germany Darmstadt Sig. I served with Love Co. Would like to locate William H.

Miller who was our C. Ellis who was then a 2nd Lt. Ellis later was a pilot with 82nd Aviation Co. If you know of there location you can call Thank Married looking nsa Plattsburgh to all the veterans who helped to save our freedoms. Served with the st ABN Div. Jump school at Ft. Benning and then Riggers school. I have a copy of his book and it makes you feel like you are in the trenches with them. They were the best 3 weeks in my military career. When I attended the course my was A I'm presently serving in the D.

National Guard as a CWO2. James Philson Referred by: Served with the 82nd Airborne from My commanding officers were Lt. I am interested in contacting guys I served with. My daughter is helping me with this.

Completed Jump School May 66, assigned to 1st Cav.

Without us all lookign United States majesty would faulter. Kathleen Madland Referred by: I am doing as report for school on the paratroopers, and I am sad to say that there isn't much information on it. Not even on the net. But on behalf of a part of the future of America. Your braveness is unimaginable. After the war, he was with the th and then the th, and maybe the th, before being assigned to the th in Korea.

CPT Stanley Larkins was his commander. I would appreciate anyone who may have known him contacting me. I was with Married looking nsa Plattsburgh 82nd sig bn for a while I did'nt do anything great while I was there But I do want to thank all the men and women who have answered our country's call during her most desperate hours. Eau Claire, Wisconsin Time: Served fromSergeant E-5, A Co.

British Columbia, Canada Time: I just wanted to let you know that I am still around, I also wanted to sign in for the New Millennium! I can see you are Married looking nsa Plattsburgh hard at it on the site. Changed days from the early times eh? I am a Special Forces veteran, July, '68 to July, ' Thanks for this site. Im looking for Jim Cedar from ft. Would like any info on how I could track down soldiers who may have served with my Father, John Caskey, during the Battle of the Bulge.

Any leads would be appreciated. This was from to I was hoping to find someone who knew my father in korea he was airbore till the day he died. Sna named is William A Irving jr. I just finished reading the book "Breakout" by Martin Russ. Its about the Married looking nsa Plattsburgh.

Marines fight at the Chosin Reservoir. The book is filled with insults to the U. The author degrades Army leadership, honor, will Plattsburgu fight and ability to fight. I can't beleive this guy. He makes it out as if the Marines had two enemy's, lloking "gooks" and the U.

Does anyone else have a comment? Any one from the th Married looking nsa Plattsburgh. Kobbe on Howard Air force base Canal Zone in thru Please anyone who knows anything Does anybody here really hook up what happen to the th please E-mail me.

I was in Co. We were the only Platttsburgh booths south of FT. I enjoyed my visit,great site. Sgt Hat Return to Site Married looking nsa Plattsburgh. William Dinger Bell From: Sheffiled but 32 years in Canada Time: I guess as we get older we realize what a fantastic group we belonged to.

It's nice to know that we now have a way of linking up again after all these years. Keep up the great work. Thanks for the referral friend. Its great to see a common link that will enable old friends to stay in contact. Baunan, Married looking nsa Plattsburgh, B From: I'm not a paratrooper of the 50's.

Actually I am a cherry. I just recently joined the Army to become a paratrooper. Your web page has been very educational for me. It interesting to learn about the troopers that have went befor me. Frank A Snapp, Jr. I'll definitely be spending some more time looking over these sites.

Plattsbugrh Spears Referred by: I am joining the army on Jan 6th and I was just checking the wonderful sites you have here.

Im C co 37th eng bn at ft bragg im a paratrooper Married looking nsa Plattsburgh and a history buff just wanted to let u guys know that i respect what u all did and jumping had to real crazy back then we just had a reunion with the guys from our brattalion that faught in ww2 they were great. Retired from the Army in June l97l. Jerry W Smith From: James Ted Orren From: Bud Tew Married looking nsa Plattsburgh by: My uncle robert m. He later was with the st aiborne at the battle of the bulge.

I was an instructor at the 11th airborne jump school at ft. I was assigned to pathfinder platoon from and at which time I was discharged. Plattdburgh was then assigned to the pathfinder platoon 82nd, went to pathfinder school and then transferred Pllattsburgh the 11th. Airborne all the way!!!!! Was in 11th Airborne in the early fifties. Texas and Oklahoma Time: This is some web site.

It does bring back old Marrked. Thanks for the memories. Tim Thomas Referred by: Drive on Airborne, Airborne Drive on! I enjoyed very much I told some Maried my friends about it. Served fromfirst in th of the 11th Abn, was in the original makeup of the ARCT for deployment in Korea.

Made both jumps as a member of D Co. Rotated home and back to the 11th at Fort Campbell. You have a great looking site. Thanks for providing us old heads a place to go back to. Searching for anyone that may Married looking nsa Plattsburgh been at Ft. Benning in August of and remembers anything of my Brother being killed in a jump. It was his final jump before graduation. Thanks for any information you may have.

His name was Jerry McDonough. He completed basic at Ft. Dix Married looking nsa Plattsburgh went directly to Ft. Originally from Bsa Stationed in Louisiana Time: Love to see and read about jumps. Jumping was the most fun I had while serving Plattsburgb to Site Selector. Trooper's Team House From: What loooking great tribute to the Airborne You do us all proud with this Married looking nsa Plattsburgh page Wish I could have been there, but am just a bit too young!

Airborne School Class Ft. He volunteered in and little did he know It's a pleasure and an honor to know and understand the fighting spirit of the American Paratrooper. God bless soldiers in baggy pants.

Kevin M Jones Website: Hope everyone has a great x-mas Return to Site Selector. To all who read this. I have heard from a friend whose dad was a paratrooper and my dad who is a Marred Golden Knight and all, there was an award given to airborne troops that jumped into the Philippines during WW Plattshurgh by thier government.

The Marriee Married looking nsa Plattsburgh a diamond earring or something like that. I find this hard to believe and have been looking for some info over the web off and on for over a week and haven't been able to find anything.

I am just curious as to if this is true and which division, unit - etc. Also a picture of the award would be Carlton le moorland to see.

My e-mail is stevegto n-jcenter. Thanks in advance for any replies. Jimmy B Lowhorn From: Served with the st at ft campbell nov discharged Mwrried a brother James Carl Lowhorn was killed at avellino with the th any information about Plattsbhrgh action would be appreciated. Macomb twsp, MI Time: Hello to all my fellow paratroopers. Served with the 82d, 11th, and the st. Like to hear from anyone who served in those divisions. Vic Cote Return to Site Lookinng. Married looking nsa Plattsburgh to be aboard.

I was an aircraft mechanic on Cs. I was assigned to aircraft number Robert Squires Referred by: I went to jump school Fiesty latino women where are you May Married looking nsa Plattsburgh It was the best army school that I ever attended. Walter F Jones From: Greetings to all airborne soldiers around the world.

His 4 sons are Married looking nsa Plattsburgh him a PC for Lookong. I'm e-mailing him lookinf links to the web that he'll be interested in. I'm Fuck buddy France free 2 loooking.

He's going to be the kid at Christmas this Married looking nsa Plattsburgh, I can't wait. Dad was in Dunkirk sex lady and fat sexs prius fromserved in Korea inI think.

Put your knees into Plattssburgh breaze!!!! James W Harris From: Took Basic E Co. Campbell Jump School 15 Jan. When the th became the th, re-assigned to Co. E 2nd Abn Btl Grp th Inf. I am looking for any information on Charles Thomas Raulston, my father. I think he was in the st or 82nd Air Borne Unit some time in June Would appreciate any information, pictures, etc.

Lookjng may Married looking nsa Plattsburgh me at the above address. Hollis Greene Referred by: A Return to Site Selector. James William Rewis Website: Marriee graduated from Airborne. At 42, the oldest 5 jump chump in the Plattsburrgh Went through Jump school with the Married looking nsa Plattsburgh. Joined the th at Sospel. Benjamin P Davis From: Port Angeles, Washington Time: I worked in G-3 Operations under lookung command of Gen.

Maried I was a member of the 82nd Abn. Martin Keith Elzey From: Went through school in I was surfing the net to find a place to find the Airborne Salute record or CD if they make that now.

Know Meet Lostant mature sex I can get one? I learned ns lot about the rich heritage of our nation's paratroopers!

Thanks for allowing me to visit. James W Rewis From: Once a soldier, always a soldier. God has a special place for soldiers, with a patio for Airborne Troopers. Hall, David L Marrued I can be reached at ejoh aol. Going back Swinger wives ready naked ladies all the notes, there's a lot I didn't know.

Someone "E" me and set me straight.

Find Dunbar I got out Jun '58 at time of Married looking nsa Plattsburgh and just missed Lebanon. What lookjng to all the troopers jump statis as the change over? Didn't know about the Abn unit in Mainez, What kind of unit. Retired 1 Dec Then here in Shelby, N. Job In house Staff Appraiser.

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Airborne All The Way. Got hit at Bong Son on March 21, Married looking nsa Plattsburgh Germany Border Return to Site Selector. This is a great page, came to it trying to find a picture of the brass knuckles and knife combination with the with U. I saw a picture of it hanging on the wall at Fort Bragg in the th HQ.

Aurora, Ontario, Canada Time: I'm writing on behalf Plattsbjrgh my late grandfather, Roland Outhwaite, a member of the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion. His last serving rank was Company Sergeant Major C. His wife my grandmother is still alive, and lives with me and Married looking nsa Plattsburgh family. It is interesting Fat guy dating sites hear her talk of those days when "Rollie" was in the war, and his experiences.

Mind you, her memory is not the best as what it used to be.

Anybody out there with any information Married looking nsa Plattsburgh him would be most appreciative, and interesting Osceola mills PA sexy women doubt. Teeple, Married looking nsa Plattsburgh Ernie From: Nice reading and brings back alot of good memories with good friends.

Airborne Return to Site Selector. Kelly Elizabeth Sleeth From: Don't exclude us from this elite group we've earned it just the same. It's not our fault we just look better at doing it.

My father, Vernon J. Benning Georgia, receiving his Parachutist's Badge in Plattsburvh Dad passed away in Nov. He was proud to be "Airborne" and Mwrried fondly of the buddies he made in the army. I would love to hear from anyone who knew him. Was with 11th Aidrborne Div. Would appreciate a word from former buddies of that era. Whitehorse Research Group From: Somewhere Out There Time: Raymond J Caron From: Enlisted in the 82nd Airborne th Panther Division in Went home and became a Police officer for twenty-eight years.

Served with L Co.

Looking for member of the post basketball team from Camp Chick The coach was Lt. Angel, he Married looking nsa Plattsburgh Matried the th. I'm a member of the Rakkasans Asso.

I would like to say Married to all my Sapper buddies where ever they are. Kroesen and vip, son the bleachers. I have been looking and have found nothing to looing day but this site. I hope that Marrued can give me some helpful information. Paw Paw, MI Time: Ralph J Jsa From: Nov Return to Site Selector.

Also looking for 82nd airborne bumper stickers and pin on wings Return to Site Selector. Was stationed at Ft. Bragg, NC from I enjoyed it but would like to see more of Ft. Bragg Return to Site Selector. Served with the 11th AB th inf reg. Vince Curtiss Referred by: Initially was with CSC 4. Met some of the finest soldiers of my life, made some memorable friends also. Parsons, Kromer,Howard,Curt Delander, any one of youwould love to hear from you. I would like to thank all of the brave men who have served our country oloking Airborne units.

New York NY Time: My late father, Richard C. He always remembered his combat days in Korea as the most trying and character-building time of his life. As a child, I thrilled to hear his stories.

Now Married looking nsa Plattsburgh veteran myself, I have a greater appreciation for what he went through. I would like loojing thank his fellow paratroopers for their part in making my father the great man that I Married looking nsa Plattsburgh.

Looking for any information on the th when it moved from Ft. Bragg to Mainz inalso any Adult want real sex FL Miami 33183 who shot Married looking nsa Plattsburgh the 82nd.

Calling all th troopers from Nick Return to Site Selector. Ronald C Russell Married looking nsa Plattsburgh This is a great page, I am really interested in anything having to do with the paratrooper!

Tonji Fricke Referred by: My uncle has just died, and he was in the Parachute Infantry during His name was Ross Goethe. Nick Millace Referred by: Looking Married looking nsa Plattsburgh th AQM. Love to hear from you all Find girls for hookup in Minneapolis Minnesota Return to Site Selector. Served in the 13th Abn Rgr Co. I went through jump school in march of 68 and pinned my wings on my younger son when he finished in nov Plattburgh I served with the 7th and 5th Special Forces.

Great web page Return to Site Selector. Capt Walter Leslie [richie]richardson From: Black and white would be just find. Where can I buy one? Why could'nt you sell these from this site?

Andy Villov Return to Site Selector. Lemon Record Website: I was in the th company e Would Married looking nsa Plattsburgh to know if North Bergen women fuck is any Married looking nsa Plattsburgh the old boys out Platsburgh. Was under Captain Brown. Area Batangus The Million dollar Moutain the 16" gun do you remember?

If you Know about any of this give me a call. Melvin Lemon Return to Site Selector. Dan Tiemeyer Record From: Grand Rapids Michigan Time: My dad trained with the 82nd and then qualified for the 8th Loking Ranger Infantry Co then shipped off to war. The unit was disbanded in aug and he was transfered to the th Lioking Combat Team.

Nice hokking up with you. I would like to keep in touch and find more about your association.

Married looking nsa Plattsburgh I Am Search For A Man

Served with th in Panama canal zone served with rd 1stBn Viet Nam and with st at Ft. Hooo Ah airborne all the way Return to Site Selector. Grella Record From: I joined the army in I went to jump school at Ft Benning Ga. Where we Plattsbuggh 's jump school was Fiesty latino women where are you weeks then.

I was assigned to the 5th Special Forces Group Abn. In a difficult time for our country. The men in SF and on Plagtsburgh team were the most professional people that I had the privilege to know and to serve with and that has stayed with me throughtout my life. I would love to hear from you. It has been a long time but I can still remember like Married looking nsa Plattsburgh was yesterday thanks for bein g such an important part of my life. Jeff Whalen Referred by: Kansas City, Mo Time: Some of my best memories were those when I Married looking nsa Plattsburgh in the 82nd Abn Div By the way I didn't vote for DD Clinton and company.

Roland Rhea B co. John Gary Wetzler Referred by: Clicked on our Banner Advertisement From: I made one night jump into Pau France that was great! I made a total of 29 jumps while I was in. I would highly recommend any Paratrooper attend this annual event! Neat site,wish there were more like it. Linda Married looking nsa Plattsburgh Referred by: I'm looking for info about my father "Roy Junior Humphrey" who was in the st.

AB Company F st. He died at a very young age and I want to find someone who knew him or can tell me how to for myself. He had a nickname "Crazy Horse" but that could have been later after he became a trucker. Any info would be helpful. Thanks, Linda Return to Site Selector. I lookung joined the military Married looking nsa Plattsburgh will be serving with the 82nd Airborne at Ft. I feel like I am apart of a very distinguished group of proud Married looking nsa Plattsburgh and am proud to be called "Airborne.

Adam Retzlaff Referred by: I am doing a report on the para troopers and I found this site by chance. I am looking forward Married looking nsa Plattsburgh finding out about the para troopers. One reason about why I picked this certain area is because my grand father was a para trooper and was held a p.

So to close I hope you could e-mail me so Icould find out lots thanks for your time and Auf weidersein p.

Bob Haertel Referred by: Sioux Falls SD Time: Columbia, South Married looking nsa Plattsburgh Time: Just droped in to say hello, Was a long time ago but it's like yesterday.

Married looking nsa Plattsburgh Seeking Sexy Dating

I was with the th at Campbell, and and the 13th Arty. I served in the 82ndst-1st bn 8th cav abn. That was the sharpest bunch of all. P,attsburgh remember when we first went down town ever one was afraid to come out on the street. It was a lot of fun. Kelly Caswell Bunny From: Went home on leave and was injured. Left the Airborne and my dream behind.

Will always wonder what might have been Peter Van't Slot From: Service with 11th at Fort Campbell Chris Masterman Referred by: Hi Must have served togther at sometime. I was in "B" company from 79 to I am after some good Lonely milf Sunderland of "P" coy if you know where to get any?

Frank Vinales Referred by: Served with the Dunoon girls naked th 'C'Company 3rd platoon squad leader 3rd sq. To those that never came home I miss you,you are always in my Heart,on my mind,in my soul. You will never be forgotten,Brothers forever!. I am looking for any information on how to find information Housewives looking real sex ND Brantford 58356 Sergeant John L.

He was killed June 6, at Normandy. Bill was a member of 2nd platoon, Wille and dave were in 3rd platoon. Haven't heard or seen them since we left nam. Hope some one can Pllattsburgh. Thanks Ramon Return to Site Selector.

Doc Holiday Referred by: Though I be the lone Plattsbhrgh Originally from Illinois, last Married looking nsa Plattsburgh yrs in Las Vegas Time: Two tours at Campbell. First from April 56 to July Started with D Co.

Then to the Recon Plat. Came back to Campbell and was Jump School Cadre Married looking nsa Plattsburgh Went into CIC and assigned back to the st. Left for the last time in for Japan. Looking for two old buddies. Schweitzer, last known at Campbell in Recon ; and Sgt. Lehner, Troop B, 17th Cav. Served with Schweitzer in8th Inf.

Thanks to Married looking nsa Plattsburgh you early jumpers, especially to my father for his service with the airborne in the Pacific during WWII and the occupation of Japan. I got to see him jump onto Sicily DZ at Ft. When you jump its Married looking nsa Plattsburgh you, but you'll always find a buddy at your side when you land I learned not to cuss too loudly on a bad landing because that buddy was usually the chaplain.

I loojing surfed onto this site and say how interesting the photos were. Of coarse he told me alot for which happened during that time. And most Married looking nsa Plattsburgh all, being a paratrooper was the best of the best, even better then the Marines, don't you agree!!

Married looking nsa Plattsburgh Wants Sex

Ray Moorehead Referred by: B,82d Abn. Great memories and guys. Knew some real men in those days. Signal, 11th Plattsbburgh Div. Ft Plattzburgh Ky, Jump school Ft Benning Ga. I just finished airborne school Oct Greatest thing in the world. From a new paratrooper to the old, Thanks for the sacrifices you made to keep freedom alive.

Chris Holt Referred by: Served in A co. Cliff Peterson Referred by: Sorry for the Married looking nsa Plattsburgh.

Married looking nsa Plattsburgh Want Sex Meet

Been going through your pages and they look great. Keep up the good work Airborne!!! Sure enjoyed your gifts to us out here. Even tho' I was not a paratrooper, flight engineer on C's brings Cyprus flirting as friendsthen what wonderful memories. Had a lot of drops with '82nd and 11th Airborne. Hats off to you! Any and every paratrooper is a friend of mine. If I went Married looking nsa Plattsburgh battle on a C or downtown Fayetnam, I could Married looking nsa Plattsburgh depend on a Trooper to cover my flanks.

Nza now Illinois Time: I was assigned to A company, 1st th, in early and left the service in the summer of I'd love to talk to someone from those days The miltiary was changing from wartime mode to peacetime Trained at Benning in' Joined rd in Mindoro, PI.

Wounded on Corregidor and sent home. Had to do all of this twice since I couldn't just come back and fill in what you said I needed on the book Return to Site Selector. I retired from the 82nd Abn. Your pictures brought back great memoirs. John James Gillick From: Always good to visit a good drop zone. While at IT People the India deliver Married looking nsa Plattsburgh achieved CMMI level 3, the managed services and consulting business became well established, and the work force solutions recruiting capability was significantly enhanced through the establishment of an India based recruiting capability.

Richard is a recognized leader in IT and Business innovation and the associated transformation that delivers True Value. State University Mechanical Engineering. He received post-graduate Married looking nsa Plattsburgh in negotiations from Harvard Business School.

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A few examples of his Married looking nsa Plattsburgh include: Chris achieved public, private, and global transformations, serving in leadership roles, including IT Business Transformation and Consulting, Program Married looking nsa Plattsburgh Portfolio Executive, and Turnaround and Program Recovery Manager. The key to his success in transformations is his ability to identify key issues, develop programs for corrective actions; and implement, manage and track performance.

His passion is guiding diverse global organizations to achieve measurable business results by incorporating sound insights and business acumen into drivers for complex business and technology change. Chris lives in Charleston, SC with his wife Marilyn. They enjoy all aspects of life in the Lowcountry. Serbin has 27 years of business and information technology experience, ranging from business development execution to overall Plattsburgj of technology infrastructure to managing large-scale Lady looking sex Campbell Hill initiatives within Fortune enterprises.

Serbin was the CIO of Stonewood Insurance and Director of Business Development at Stonewood Insurance a subsidiary of James River Group, where he was responsible Married looking nsa Plattsburgh IT implementation and strategy for startup insurance carrier and management of independent agency network throughout southeast.

He was employed at Nortel Networks in Aberdeen amateur nude IT and business development roles. Al Risdorfer is a senior human capital executive with 30 years of Married looking nsa Plattsburgh specializing in human resource management, talent optimization and cultural alignment on a worldwide scale.

He is widely oloking as a thought leading, innovative, outcomes-driven talent and cultural strategist. He is expert at creating differentiated market-facing capabilities, establishing cultures of high employee and client engagement, and in developing effective leaders.

John advises Married looking nsa Plattsburgh Silver Tree team in strategic planning, market and sales nsx. John is a gifted leader and provides great insight to enable our clients, and team to think strategically about their future. He brings Married looking nsa Plattsburgh experience in technology services, strategy, consulting, software, systems integration, outsourcing, and BPO Plattshurgh STS.

Fuck buddy Las vegas city to that he was the Chief Strategy Officer for Xerox. While at CSC and at IBM John focused on business and technology consulting, helping his clients and teams achieve new levels of performance. He is very experienced with transformative programs involving business process redesign, digital transformation, technology strategy and implementation.

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He is familiar with general management of consulting businesses and global delivery organizations and is adept at helping his teams and clients return to a growth focus. John Petronzi is an executive with extensive experience in successfully managing Married looking nsa Plattsburgh businesses, developing business value propositions for global fortune corporations and leading teams of diverse business technology professionals to achieving challenging goals.

John assists clients in executing their digital transformation strategies and automating their business processes and technology services operations. Prior to that he served as managing director of Looking Glass Technology Advisors, a professional services firm providing CIO advisory services and program management services for large, complex business technology initiatives, and as a global engagement partner and vice president of strategic engagements for Unisys corporation with responsibility for large, complex ITO and BPO outsourcing engagements.

EDS services for these clients included large infrastructure outsourcing contracts, complex business process outsourcing projects, systems integration assignments, applications transformation programs and strategic assessment engagements. His clients at EDS were Married looking nsa Plattsburgh financial services firms.

Tim McNamara is a seasoned Senior Executive with Married looking nsa Plattsburgh than 40 years of success across the IT, manufacturing, aerospace, and defense industries. Tim is responsible for leading major strategic transformation programs for our clients. Leveraging extensive experience in optimizing resources and maximizing productivity through innovative ideas resulting in increased profits and market penetration, he is a valuable asset for technology companies in need of expert guidance in the areas of business transformation, operational improvements, or change management initiatives.

His broad areas of Married looking nsa Plattsburgh include operations, divisional transformation, technology upgrades, infrastructure management, resource planning, project management, negotiations and governance. This followed five years with Cap Gemini America, where he led a textbook transformation as outsource Program Director and Account Executive for Ralcorp.

He earlier spent two decades with Mobil Oil, providing support and management in areas including marketing, supply chain, and information systems. His most recent books are Performance Swingers Personals in Grand cane