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Looking for friends and lets see where it goes

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In previous versions of Facebook, there was no lwts way to see which of your "friends" had decided to sever your relationship on the social network. Sure, you could always go to their profile to check, but that required the effort of remembering who they were.

While "old Facebook" made the online friendship breakup a bit less-in-your-face, the new Facebook Timeline fpr it way easier to see who's decided to ax your online friendship.

Lookibg If you've already enabled your new profileyou can check it out right now. Then, find the "Friends" box for that year. This will tell you how many people you added in this year. If an "Add Friend" button appears next to their name, then you are no longer friends.

Granted this goes both ways. The "Add Friend" button will appear next to the people you've unfriended, not just the people who have unfriended you. It doesn't show who ended the lsts. This feature, however, lies at the core of the new Facebook changes, providing insight into how a person's life and online relationship change over time.

As Mark Zuckerberg said at the f8 keynotethe new profile is really going to give people a chance to put their whole history online. Whether users regard this as a privacy breach remains to be seen, but it must be noted that these "unfriendings" are only easily available to users looking at their own profiles.

If someone else is looking at your "Friends" box from a certain year, they can see that you were friends once, but not the current status of the relationship. Hat Tip to Buzzfeed for the find.

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the frkends sent straight to you. For many, being "unfriended" is a fate worse than death. But it's not something you'd know about right away.

Here's how you can see who's unfriended you: First, pick a year from your timeline any year since you joined will do. You can go through each year to see which friends you've Loo,ing, and who you've lost. For a tour of Facebook's new Timeline, check out the slideshow below.

While past iterations of the Facebook profile have featured a customizable photo that sat near the upper left of the page, users can now top freinds profile with a large "Cover" photo that stretches across the user's Timeline. This will be in addition to the Profile Picture, which will act as an avatar of sorts for News Feed updates and posting on others' walls.