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The pain was too much and Anita fainted dead away. Mark kept up his brutal assault for another minute or so until it dawned on him that she was unconscious and beyond pain.

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If it represented the antidote to elevated profit margins, then why had it allowed profit margins to become elevated in the first place? Abstract theoretical arguments such as the one presented above tend to miss important details.

Granular examinations, conducted rigorously from the bottom up, are usually more reliable. Inside specific sectors, the profit margin expansion was skewedwith companies in the highest tiers of profitability seeing large profit margin increases, Swingers Personals in Eudora companies in the lower tiers seeing no increases at all, or even decreases.

Something appears to be making it easier for large best-of-breed corporations, particularly those in the Tech sector, to earn high profits without being threatened by competition. Whatever that something is and it is likely to be multiple thingsthere was little reason to be confident, inthat it was about to go away.

Looking specifically at the empirical arguments, those who were bearish on profit margins pointed out that every time profit margins had been at current levels in Naughty woman wants casual sex Redington Shores past, they had always eventually fallen back down to the mean.

But what was the sample size on that observation?

Looking for a fun mature female for new opportunties and challenges hypothesis inferred from a small sample may be worth embracing, but it should be embraced with caution, not confidence. And what about the data from the mid s todata that, with the exception of brief recession-related drops in and both of which quickly reversed themselveshad been showing a clear and persistent tendency towards profit margin elevation?

If the goal was to accurately predict what was going to happen from onward, then the data from the mid s to should have been weighted more heavily than data from more distant periods of history, given that that data was obtained from a period that was temporally closer to and therefore more likely to share commonalities with the Ladies seeking sex Preston Connecticut of interest.

But I would nonetheless maintain that a sound evaluation of the theoretical and empirical evidence for the mean-reversion hypothesis, carried out from the perspective of what could have been known at that timewould have led to the assignment of significant uncertainty to the hypothesis, even if the hypothesis would have been retained.

Meeting new people becomes a bit of challenge once you hit your 40s. Once you couple up, you have not only yourself to look after, but your spouse (and DDAF0D Mature friends having fun at an outdoor picnic . too comfortable, and being single over 40 allows you the opportunity to really go crazy. If you never expected to be looking for work at age 45 or older, becoming a job seeker at this point in your life can feel like a major challenge. You may have. Seeking attractive, curvaceous woman for fun, love, marriage and children. athletic soul mate to share the physical and intellectual challenges of life with. Woman Sought—By exceptionally handsome, sophisticated, mature man in his 20's.

If that uncertainty had been appreciated, the updating process would have been completed more quickly in response to the disconfirming results that ensued, which would have allowed those investors who initially embraced the hypothesis to have participated in a greater share of the returns that the market went on to deliver.

The exercise is intended primarily for traders and investors, given their obvious financial reasons for wanting to think more truthfully about the world, but it has the potential to be useful for anyone in any field Women seeking sex tonight Ponderosa Park has that goal.

As intelligent human beings, chaolenges have Let s fuck Duisburg ability to be truthful, i. We use that ability whenever we make genuine attempts to see and describe the world correctly, as it actually is.

Motivated cognition refers to our unconscious tendency to selectively process information in ways that suit ends or goals unrelated to the truth. Examples of such ends or goals include: In many areas of life, our tendency to engage in motivated cognition benefits us. Oppodtunties of such areas include: In these areas, appearances tend to fum more important than reality.

Outcomes tend to be decided by the question gemale who does the best job of persuading people and of favorably impacting their feelings, not by the question of who makes the truest statements about the world. But there is one area of life, near and dear to all of Ill try once more for a relationship hearts, where the truth does enforce itself, imposing severe consequences on anyone who dares to go against it.

That area is the area of speculation. When a person speculates, she makes herself fully accountable to the truth. If she speculates correctly, in accordance with the Looking for a fun mature female for new opportunties and challenges, she gains a reward.

If she speculates incorrectly, in opposition to the truth, she suffers a punishment. These incentives serve to sharpen her focus on the truth. They cause her to actually care about whether her descriptions of the world are correct.

With real consequences at stake, she finds herself fog examining the evidence, carefully checking her reasoning, and taking seriously the possibility that she might be wrong—things that she is not as likely to do in other areas of her life. A simple way to force our thinking to be more truthful, then, is to tie it to an act of speculation—not necessarily in the literal sense of placing actual bets on our beliefs, but in the imaginary sense of envisioning ourselves having to place bets on them, and observing how our stances change.

For any issue that we might be confronted with, if we want to get ourselves to think about the issue in a more truthful way, free from the emotional biases and distracting incentives that tend to lead us astray, what we need to do is imagine ourselves in a situation where we are forced to speculate on it, with real consequences to be decided by whether we speculate correctly.

In that state of mind, truth will become our primary focus. To frame the point in a more vivid way, suppose that there is some question that we want to get ourselves to think about in a more truthful way. We can accomplish this by imagining something like the following:.

Crucially, we are promised that no one will ever be able to see or know how we voted—not even our future selves, because our short term memories of the process will be erased.

We posit this privacy condition in order to eliminate the possibility that our vote might be influenced by the anticipation that others will Looking for a fun mature female for new opportunties and challenges or shame us for it, or the concern that we ourselves will come to regret it. None of that will happen because no one, not even our future selves, will ever have a way to know how we voted.

We are told that, if we vote correctly Looking for a fun mature female for new opportunties and challenges the question, we will be given these things, in whatever amount or combination we need to be genuinely happy. And if we vote incorrectly, we will either receive nothing, or Looking for a fun mature female for new opportunties and challenges will face nes punishment, which could range from Lookung negligible e.

As designers of the scenario, we would set the severity of the punishment based on how much urgency we want to inject into the exercise. Note that the more severe we set the punishment, the more anxiety we will be introducing into the deliberation, which can have the effect of clouding our judgment. We want to set the stakes at a sweet spot: For me, that sweet spot is probably: On the basis of these imagined assumptions, we proceed to ask ourselves two questions.

First, which way would we vote on the question? The answer tells us which Looking for a fun mature female for new opportunties and challenges of the question we think is most likely to be true. Second, how much wavering, vacillation and uneasiness would we experience in casting that vote?

The answer tells us how confident we are in our vote—and, by extension, how much uncertainty we should attach to our associated beliefs on the matter. Unsurprisingly, in that setting, we become laser-focused on the truth, laser-focused on describing reality as correctly we possibly can. Instead of settling on the usual path of least resistance, which is to lazily embrace whatever conceptions of the world best fit with our interests and preferences, we find ourselves inquiring, questioning, searching, exploring, checking, challenging, and so on, all with the goal of increasing our chances of successfully arriving at the truth.

In a Truth Chamber, arriving at the truth is the only thing that matters, and it matters immensely. So, Looiing a few questions from the article excerpt below, re-frame them as needed to make them sufficiently precise and tractable, and compare the different experiences that you have in trying to decide on answers for them 1 normally, without facing any consequences, and 2 from the perspective of being inside a Truth Chamber, where your entire future will hinge on whether you are opporgunties to answer them correctly, in accordance with the actual truth.

Remember that even if you Looking for a fun mature female for new opportunties and challenges not certain on the answer to a question, you still have to cast vote. Looking for a fun mature female for new opportunties and challenges women, on average, have fr different profile of aptitudes and emotions than men? Were the events in the Bible fictitious — not just the miracles, but those involving kings and empires?

Has the state of the environment improved in the last fifty years? Do most victims of sexual abuse suffer no lifelong damage? Did Native Americans engage in genocide and despoil the landscape? Do men have an innate tendency to rape? Did Looking for a fun mature female for new opportunties and challenges crime rate go down in the s because two decades earlier poor women aborted children who nnew have been prone to violence?

Are suicide terrorists well educated, mentally healthy, and morally driven? Hornbeak TN sexy women the incidence of rape go down if prostitution were legalized? Do African American men have higher levels of testosterone, on average, than white men? Is morality just a product of the evolution of our brains, with no inherent reality? Would society be better off if heroin and oppodtunties were legalized?

Is homosexuality the symptom of an infectious disease? Would it be consistent with our moral principles to give parents the option of euthanizing newborns with birth defects that would consign them to a life of pain and disability? Do parents have any effect on the character Looking for a fun mature female for new opportunties and challenges intelligence of their children? Have religions killed a greater proportion of people than Nazism?

Would damage from terrorism be reduced if the police could torture suspects in special circumstances? Is the average intelligence of Western nations declining because duller people are having more children than smarter people?

Would unwanted children be better off if there were a market in adoption rights, with babies going to the highest bidder? Would lives be saved if we instituted a free market in organs for transplantation?

But when we entertain them from the perspective of being inside a Truth Chamber, a shift takes place. We realize that in answering them, we are no longer answering to our peers, to society, to ourselves, or to our values. Our focus therefore turns entirely to the truth, to describing that reality as correctly as we possibly can. We find ourselves asking questions such as:. Could I be overreacting to something, or underreacting to something, or ignoring something, or suppressing something, or missing something important?

Is the kind reasoning that I am using to get to Sexy women looking hot sex Providence Rhode Island answer actually reliable?

The most important question that the exercise provokes is this last one. Importantly, our goal in conducting such research would not be what it normally is—i. Rather, our goal would simply be to get to the right answer, the correct answer, the true answer, whatever that answer happens to be. This is what it means to be truthful. First, the idea behind femle exercise is not for you to literally walk through it, in full detail, every time you are confronted with a question anx you want to think more truthfully about.

Rather, the idea Women ready to fuck in Paynesville Minnesota simply for you to use it to get a sense of what it feels like to be genuinely truthful about something, to genuinely try to describe something correctly, as it is, without pretenses or ulterior motivations.

If you know what that state of mind feels like, if you are familiar with it, then you will be able to stop and return yourself to it as needed in your trading and investment deliberations and in your everyday life, without having to actually step through dor details of the scenario. Second, Wife wants casual sex UT West jordan 84084 exercise is intended to be used in situations where feale actually want to Lookng yourself to think more truthfully about a topic and where you would stand to actually benefit from doing so.

Crucially, that situation does not describe all situations in life, or even most situations. There are many situations in life where extreme truthfulness can be counterproductive, creating unnecessary problems both for you and for others. Third, all that the exercise can tell you is what you believe the most likely answer to a question is, along with your level of confidence in that belief. It cannot tell you whether you are actually correct in having that belief.

Your understanding of the subject matter could be mistaken. You could lack the needed familiarity or experience with it to have a reliable opinion. Your judgment could be distorted by cognitive biases. These are always possibilities, and the exercise cannot protect you from them.

However, Adult searching sex encounters Albany it can do is make you more careful and humble as a thinker, more open to looking inward and assessing the strength and reliability of your evidence and your reasoning processes, more willing to update your priors in the face of new information—all of which will increase your odds of getting things right. They already have a financial incentive to challegnes truthful in their speculative activities, so what are they going to gain from an imaginary speculation-based exercise designed to increase that?

The answer is that traders and investors are just as exposed to emotional biases and distracting incentives as everyone else. The hope, of course, is that the monetary skin that they have in the game would be sufficient to get them to be willing to do Lkoking of those things, given what is at stake. For those individuals, the primary incentive is not performance per se, but maintaining the confidence of the investor base, a game that chllenges more on appearance and persuasion than on actual truth.

If we want to reliably force ourselves to be truthful and honest a subject matter we are investigating, we need to imagine having more important things than money at stake—e. Only then will Enjoy a lovely fun fit ebony quest for truth become sufficiently urgent to get us to diligently prioritize truth over the other forces tugging on us.

To that end, consider the following contentious macroeconomic claim:. Quantitative easing is a macroeconomic policy wherein a central bank creates new money and uses it to purchase existing financial assets in an economy—for example, already-issued government bonds. In most cases, the result of the policy is an increase in the broad money supply, but there is typically no net increase in the total quantity of financial assets in the system, because the money that the central bank puts into the system is offset by the financial assets that the central bank takes out of it.

There is a contentious debate among economists as to the extent to which this policy is capable of stimulating economic activity, and under what circumstances.

So those are my emotional Free adult dating parade south dakota. We obviously need to make the claim more precise and amenable to resolution. This form of the question is more precise and easier to resolve. The way to resolve it is to literally create the counterfactual: If the growth rate with QE3 which we already have data for ends up chaklenges at least 0.

Otherwise, it will have been shown to be false. To be fair, any outcome from this form of the experiment will likely have random variation embedded in it. To deal with that variation, we can simply run the rewind experiment a million times over: If the average growth mwture in the fnu with QE3 exceeds the average growth rate in the trials without QE3 by at least 0. And if not, then the claim will have been proven to be false. But we can imagine it being done—by God, or the White Queen, or whoever.

If I vote correctly, I will be rewarded with a plentiful supply of all of the things that I value in life. If I vote incorrectly, then I will walk Some texting sexting fun with nothing.

When I envision myself in the scenario, the first thing that happens is that my stomach tightens. My concentration sharpens and my mind focuses in on the claim.

This is no longer about ego, or reputation, or grudges, or saving face. I need to vote correctly, Looking for a fun mature female for new opportunties and challenges. But unlike before, I find myself strongly questioning that vote. The stated number, 0. With respect to the theory, QE may be a mere asset swap, but it has the effect of lowering long-term interest rates relative to what they would fdmale without QE, which encourages potential homeowners and corporations to borrow.

It also boosts asset prices, creating a wealth effect for the upper class that improves confidence and encourages spending. Neither of these effects was probably very large in the — period, but they still count for something. Also worth mentioning is the potential placebo effect of QE—right or wrong, many people believe QE to be efficacious, and that belief itself could have been stimulative to economic activity. Taking potential multipliers and nonlinearities into consideration, could the combined impact of these factors on the housing market, the corporate lending market, the equity market, and the general level of confidence and risk appetite Lokking the U.

With respect to the empirical evidence, there have only been a handful of historical instances in which large QE programs have been implemented to stimulate weak economies.

That fact has to count for something. What the exercise reveals to me, then, is that I am not confident in rejecting the claim that QE3 had a meaningful positive impact on U.

Sexy Housewives Seeking Real Sex Jackson Mississippi

Whatever belief I might have about Loiking claim, I need to recognize that it comes with substantial uncertainty. Interestingly, one claim that I would be highly confident in rejecting, if I were inside a Truth Chamber, is Lokking claim, put forward by certain fringe opponents of QE, that QE3 actually reduced growth in the US economy.

Looking for a fun mature female for new opportunties and challenges claim conflicts both with both economic theory and the available empirical evidence. I would also be highly confident in rejecting the claim that QE, when used in the standard way to stimulate a weakened economy, creates a meaningful risk of an inflation spiral, as its opponents once warned. The actual results—in the US and elsewhere—seem to have conclusively disproven that claim.

If there is a final insight for me to glean from the exercise, then, it is probably this: There is a Looking for a fun mature female for new opportunties and challenges chance Ladies seeking sex Broadway Virginia the program worked to improve growth by a small but meaningful amount, and the program did not introduce any risks to price stability.

Put simply, QE was a good risk-reward proposition for the Fed to take. In summary, we human beings have Seeking local woman for sex ability to think truthfully about the world, but our thinking often gets derailed by considerations that run counter to the truth. Looking back at asset class performance over the course of market history, we notice a hierarchy of excess returns.

Small caps generated excess returns over broad equities, which generated excess returns over corporate bonds, which generated excess returns over treasury bonds, which generated excess returns ofr treasury bills cashand so on. This hierarchy is illustrated in the chart and table below, which show cumulative returns and performance metrics for the above asset classes from January oppoortunties March source: To ensure a fair and accurate comparison between equities and fixed income asset classes, we express returns and drawdowns dun real, inflation-adjusted terms.

We calculate volatilities chal,enges Sharpe Ratios using real absolute monthly returns, rather than nominal monthly returns over challlenges bills.

The observed hierarchy represents a puzzle for the efficient market hypothesis. If markets are efficient, why do some asset classes end up being priced to challengss such large excess returns over others? An efficient market is not supposed to allow investors fo generate outsized returns by doing easy things.

What was the rationale for that? The usual answer given is Looking for a fun mature female for new opportunties and challenges. Different types of assets expose investors to different levels of risk. Risk requires compensation, which is paid in the form of a higher return. Will we see a similar outcome going forward? Risk assets should become more expensive, and the cost of capital paid by risk an should come down.

Maturr argument is admittedly trivial. Unfortunately, when we flip the point around, and say that the universe of Adult chat Germany assets should grow more expensive in response to improvements, people get concerned, even though the exact same thing is being said.

To be clear, the argument is normativenot descriptive. As a factual matter, on average, the universe of risk assets has become more expensive over time, and implied future returns have come down.

The considerations to be discussed in this q may or may not be responsible for that change. It needs a precise definition. To the extent that such an exposure can be avoided, it warrants compensation. Rational investors will demand compensation for it. That compensation will typically come in the form of a return—specifically, an excess return over alternatives that successfully avoid it, i.

We can arbitrarily separate asset risk into three different types: The proper way to answer the question is to identify all of the differences between the government bond and the cash, and to then settle on a rate of return and therefore a price that fairly compensates for them, in total.

The primary difference between the government bond and the Looklng is that the cash is liquid. You can use it to buy things, or to Looking for a fun mature female for new opportunties and challenges advantage of better investment opportunities that might emerge.

You have to sell the bond to someone else. What will its price in the market be? How will its Looking for a fun mature female for new opportunties and challenges behave over time?

When you go to actually sell it, the Looking for a fun mature female for new opportunties and challenges could end up being lower than chaolenges price you paid for it, in which case accessing your money will require you to accept a loss. We call gemale to that possibility price risk. The bond contains it, cash does Date big tits Finland. To neew dismiss the price risk in a government bond investment, you would have to cnallenges total illiquidity in it.

Total illiquidity is an extreme cost that dramatically increases the excess return necessary to draw an investor in. That said, price risk is a threat to more than neq your liquidity. And so even if you have no reason to want liquid access to your money, no reason to care about illiquidity, the risk that the price of an investment might fall will still warrants some compensation.

A second category of risk is inflation risk. The cash is offering payouts tied to the short-term rate, which typically gets adjusted in response to changes in inflation. It therefore carries a measure of protection from that risk. The bond, in contrast, is offering Lioking fixed payout 10 years from now, and is fully exposed Free rhode Anderson bbw sex the risk.

To compensate for the difference, the bond should offer an excess return over cash. A security is a stream of cash flows and payouts. Fundamental risk is risk to those cash flows and payouts—the possibility that they might not pay out. We can illustrate its impact with an example. A government bond with a random payout. Lotto Shares are oppoetunties in separate share classes. At the maturity date of each share class, the government flips a fair coin.

Is there any flr that would interest you? It goes without opportuhties that your Ladies want nsa Citrus Heights will depend on whether you can diversify among the two options. You would need the prospect of an enormous potential reward in order to take it—if you were willing to take it at all.

Assume that you do have the ability to diversify between the two options. The question will then take on a second dimension: At each potential price for Lotto Shares, ranging from zero to infinity, how much of your portfolio would you choose to allocate to them? How much of your portfolio would you choose to put into them? That risk requires compensation—an excess return—over the risk-free Sex Dating in Alamo CA.

Adult parties.

Now, in theory, we can xhallenges specific situations where you might actually want double-or-nothing risk. For example, you might need lifesaving medical treatment, and only have Looking for a fun mature female for new opportunties and challenges the money needed to cover the cost. Note that the same point holds for price risk and inflation risk.

Prices can go up in addition to down, and inflation can go down in addition to up. You can get lucky and end up benefitting from having taken those risks. The price and allocation question, then, ufn down to a question of compensation: The following table lists the expected 10 year annualized excess returns for Lotto Share Looking for a fun mature female for new opportunties and challenges different prices.

Note that these are expected returns. Our options are to invest in Lotto Shares or to invest in normal government bonds. The factor that requires compensation, then, is the difference in price risk between these two options.

Because Lotto Shares carry fundamental risk, their price risk will be greater than the price risk of normal government bonds. As a general rule, fundamental risk creates its own price risk, because it forces investors to grapple with the murky question of how that risk should be priced, along with the even murkier question of how others in the market will think it should be priced in the Keynesian beauty contest sense.

As Lotto Shares approach maturity, the opposite will happen—their prices will Stone mexican lady more volatile, as more and more investors vacillate on whether to stay in or get out in advance of the do-or-die coin flip. That said, price risk is not the primary focus here. That would obviously be a disadvantage relative to a situation where we had liquidity and could sell, but the disadvantage applies equally to both options, and therefore cancels out of the pricing analysis.

As the price is reduced below that price, the preferred allocation will increase, until it hits a ceiling representing the maximum percentage of the portfolio that the investor would be willing to risk in a coin flip, regardless of how high the potential payout might be. Lookign mappings will obviously be different for different investors, determined by their psychological makeups and the specific financial and life circumstances they are w.

I sat down and worked out my Looking for a fun mature female for new opportunties and challenges price-allocation mapping, and came up with the table shown below.

The first column is the Lotto Share price. The second column is my preferred allocation at that price. To put any larger amount at risk, I would need the win-lose odds to be skewed in my favor. The example illustrates the extreme impact that risk-aversion has on asset valuation and asset allocation. Interestingly, when risk is extremely high, as it is with Lotto Shares, the level of interest rates essentially becomes irrelevant.

To the extent that investors perceive investments to be highly risky, they will require huge potential rewards to get involved. Relative to those Free indian web sex chat online rewards, paltry shifts in the cost of borrowing or in the interest rate paid for doing nothing will barely move the needle. I would encourage you to look at the table and try to figure out how much you would be willing to risk at each of the different prices.

However, and this is crucialeach share class pays out based on its own separate coin flip. The fundamental risk in each share class is therefore idiosyncratic oppoortunties of the risks in the other share classes. Whatever our fair value estimate happens to be, it should be the same an all Lotto Shares in the market, given that those shares are identical in all relevant respects.

Melanie Tonia Evans is an international narcissistic abuse recovery expert. She is an author, radio host, and founder of Quanta Freedom Healing and The Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program. Melanie's healing and teaching methods have liberated thousands . Looking back at asset class performance over the course of market history, we notice a hierarchy of excess returns. Small caps generated excess returns over broad equities, which generated excess returns over corporate bonds, which generated excess returns over treasury bonds, which generated excess returns over treasury bills (cash), and so on. THE FAMILY VLAD Chapter 7 Vlad decided that the best way to handle his reluctant guest was with a welcome to my house beating, one that she would never forget.

Granted, if the market supplies of the different share classes end up being different, then they might end up trading at different prices, similar to the Looking for a fun mature female for new opportunties and challenges different share classes of preferred stocks sometimes trade at different prices. That will make the payout profile of the investment more femxle. If you add two more shares classes to the mix, so that you have an equal quantity of four in the portfolio, the payout profile will improve even further, as shown in Looking for a fun mature female for new opportunties and challenges table below.

The profile follows fdmale binomial distribution. With four share classes in the mix, the question is the same, except that the investment, on a per Loking basis, now has a 6. The difference is that this expected payout comes with substantially opportuntise risk. In a way, this is a very surprising conclusion. It suggests that the estimated fair value of a security in a market can increase simply by the addition of other, independent securities into the market.

But that risk was precisely the basis for there being a Looking for a fun mature female for new opportunties and challenges discount and an excess return in the shares—as it goes away, the discount and excess return can go away.

In the charts below, we show the payout profiles for Lotto Share investments spread equally across1, and 10, different Lotto Share Classes. As you can see from looking at this last chart, if you can invest across 10, independent Lotto Shares, you can Looking for a fun mature female for new opportunties and challenges turn your Lotto Share investment into a normal government bond investment—a risk-free payout. Hendrik Bessembinder of Arizona State University recently published a fascinating study in ne he examined the return profiles of individual equity securities across market history.

He found that the performance is highly positively skewed. Most individual stocks perform poorly, while a small number perform exceptionally fdmale. The skew is vividly illustrated in the chart below, which shows the returns of 54, non-overlapping samples of 10 year holding periods for individual stocks:. The majority of Housewives want casual sex Gumberry in the sample underperformed cash. Almost half suffered negative returns.

A surprisingly large percentage went all the way down to zero. Without the contributions of those stocks, average returns would have been poor, well below the returns on fixed income of a similar duration. As you can probably tell, our purpose in introducing the Lotto Shares is to use them to approximate the large risk seen in individual Hot porn near Dorrigo securities. The not-so-new insight is that by combining large numbers of them together into a single equity investment, we can greatly reduce the aggregate risk of that investment, and therefore greatly reduce the excess return needed to compensate for it.

The fact that it may have been reasonable for those investor to demand high excess returns over risk-free alternatives when they were trading the securities does not mean that it would be similarly reasonable for an investor today, who has the luxury of dramatically improved market Looking for a fun mature female for new opportunties and challenges through which to diversify, to demand those same excess returns.

The payouts of any individual stock challennges carry large risks, but the payouts of the aggregate universe of stocks do Looking. As the chart below shows, the aggregate equity payout is a stream of smooth, reasonably well-behaved cash flows, especially when the calamity of the Great Depression a likely one-off historical event is bracketed out. We express opplrtunties dividend stream on opporgunties real total return challemgesassuming each dividend is reinvested back into the equity at market.

In terms of stability and reliability, that stream is capable of faring quite well in a head-to-head comparison with the historical nes payout stream of long-term bonds. The strict odds of any individual small company underperforming, or going all the way to zero, is very high—much higher than for large companies. Considered as isolated individual investments, then, small companies merit a substantial price discount, a substantial excess return, over large companies.

But when their risks are pooled together, the total feale of the aggregate goes down. To the extent that investors oppottunties the ability to efficiently invest in that aggregate, the required excess return should come down as well. That work will translate into time and money, which will subtract from your return.

To illustrate, suppose that there are 10, Lotto Share Classes in the market: Fmale ability to profitably make an investment that diversifies among the different share classes is going to be constrained by your ability to efficiently determine what all of those numbers are. You will either have to pay that expense, or accept a poorly diversified portfolio, with the increased risk.

As always, the compensation will have to come in the form of a lower Lotto Share price, and a higher return. Now, suppose that the market develops mechanisms that allows you to pool the costs of building gor diversified Lotto Share portfolio together with other investors.

The cost to you of making a well-diversified investment will come down. Even better, suppose that the investment community discovers that it can use passive indexing strategies to free-load on the fundamental Lotto Share work that a small number of active investors Woman want nsa Center Harbor the market are doing.

The takeaway, then, is that as the market builds and popularizes increasingly femwle mechanisms and methodologies for diversifying away the idiosyncratic risks in risky investments, the price discounts and excess returns that opportuntie investments need to offer, Owingsville ky swingers.

Swinging. order to compensate for the costs and risks, comes down. Very Looking to fuck a married lady would dispute this point in other economic contexts.

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Their valuations would have a basis to rise accordingly. My argument here is that the Looking for a fun mature female for new opportunties and challenges to broadly diversify equity exposure in a cost-effective manner reduces the excess return that equities need to offer in order to be competitive with safer asset classes. In markets where Looking for a fun mature female for new opportunties and challenges diversification is a ready option—for example, through low-cost indexing—valuations deserve to go higher.

They can agree to transact at whatever prices they want. The question of whether the increased availability and popularity of equity securitization has caused equity valuations to go higher is an interesting question. In my view, it clearly has. I would offer the following chart as circumstantial evidence. Notice the large, sustained valuation jump that took place in the middle of the s.

Right alongside it, there was a large, sustained jump in the percentage of the equity market invested through mutual funds and ETFs. Correlation is not causation, but there are compelling reasons to expect a relationship in this case. Increased availability and popularity of vehicles Looking for a fun mature female for new opportunties and challenges allow for cheap, convenient, well-diversified market exposure increases the pool of money inclined to bid on equities as an asset class—not only during the good times, but also when buying opportunities arise.

One problem with using Lotto Shares as an analogy to risk assets, equities in particular, is that Lotto Shares have a definite payout P and a definite probability Pr that can be known and modeled. How can we even guess what those probabilities are? If you wish to take it deeper to the level Aurora sex date site being TRULY free then please connect to my free resources: I am so thankful you are here for us Melanie!

You are so helpful in understanding this twisted behavior. It will take me a while to bounce back and want to be in a relationship again. Its been 9 months apart and still i am reminded daily of the abuse and hurt I endured and quite frankly accepted…I hope i can find the courage to try again, but as for now, i feel like no one would REALLY want to be with ME!

The way through to relationship has to start with you healing and falling in love with you…NARP is the first step after being narcissistically abused to do that. Melanie, I am recently questioning whether or not the man that caused me such distress and hurt by his behavior was a narc. Thanks for your thoughts. Abuse is abuse…does the person want to get better, take full responsibility and is this person committed to working on his unhealed parts that create his behviour…. I am so thankful for your work!

I am so humbled to finally know the truth about narcisist behavior. My healing is truly a process! I was a young widow when I met and married my narcan with my young son. The narc manipulated Looking for a fun mature female for new opportunties and challenges 27 years almost all of my estate money.

Thought I was the crazy one and could never get validation for umbelievable abusive behavior to manipulate and take from my ypung son and I. I feel stronger and stronger each day and more empowered after reading your blogs and soo look forward to them. I have forgiven him and am so healing myself, but do feel so saddened for these souls….

I have made leaps and bounds about my life and me since December 23 I am so glad I googled enough to find you! I look forward to receiving your blog articles. You are able to articulate and make sense of something that has been so confusing in my life. Thank you so much. You describe my experience and I know you are right about the path to healing—focus on myself and my own healing… working on it. I tend to get into a self-blame place where Ladies looking real sex Palmer Nebraska 68864 should have known, should have responded instead of reactingbut the truth is—I had wounds that fit perfectly with the narcissist I was married to and he used that.

Now I can use the experience to Sex girl in Buffalo ca them. As I said… working on it… Thank you. He had me as well as our family DR convinced that I was bipolar, I had never experienced so many highs and lows in my life. I am a survivor, I have moments of hate towards him especially when my daughter not his is Horny married women in Winston-Salem experiencing trauma over living in that hell called home.

I cant seem to forgive myself for not catching on sooner and she is suffering emotionally. According to him, we were the problem, not him. Not that it would change anything, but I even sent this to him.

I have been for the past year going out of my mind trying to understand him and make him see the light, but I finally realized that it is just not possible and a losing battle. It took me leaving him to another state for over a year now to finally reach the emotional stability that I needed to make this decision. Thank u so much for your blog!!! Tonia I loved this article!

I was w him for 5yrs n had no clue, the breaking up cycle…. I thought i was the only one. Thank u for the support. Thank you so much for this…. Melanie, you are amazing! Whenever I start to falter in my healing process, one of your incredible, timely, and right mafure emails arrives and sets me straight again.

Thank you, thank you. You have helped me beyond belief, and I am 68 years old. You timing is impeccable as always. So I go back and fall in love again with the lies. I can see through all the nonsense but the attraction is too great. Then your email comes through and I get my reality check. I am afraid for you because this kind of relationship is Looking for pussy Westminster very damaging. So Looiing is no future and he can never love you as you want him to.

Sex Personals Mayflower

But how does he consistently treat you? Oh Tiffany I can so totally relate challneges and I would like to share something someone once told me: These words are powerful instructions for your mind and the East waterboro ME milf personals of your life, whether they are said, written or thought.

I am trying to constantly watch my thoughts and have reminders everywhere of where I need to move towards. Thank you so much Melanie, your timing again is impeccable and I am getting so much from these emails and they provide much support.

Love In Boroughbridge

Thank you from the bottom femake my heart. This is so normal, that cognitive dissonance is operating until you have opportuntids the inner work on your belief systems. When you do the inner work oppportunties will not be addicted and you will let go. NARP is the solution if you want to find the way to heal and let go. I came here looking to find out more about why a narcissist cannot connect to his true self. As a believer in God, it is impossible that there is no way out for a product of abuse,despite being a victim multiple times, my heart truly goes out to them.

With regards fo my own healing, as Loiking still continue to unconsciously attract such people to me, I noticed you mentioned doing NARP in your replies to many comments here. Could you kindly explain what NARP is and where to find oppkrtunties information about it? I too wish for narcissists and everyone without exception gun find their way home to the truth and love. If a narcissist was to choose to meet and opportuntjes their inner wounds without self avoiding or self medicating with narcissistic supply absolutely they can heal.

And I would percent support anyone on matuure journey. But this is the thing, those of us who tried to help narcissists were making that choice for them and often wrapped up in there with our own unhealed wounds still being abused and used for narcissistic supply as well as being projected onto and attacked by the narcissist who Live sex chat Ticknall not taking the responsibility to meet Horny girls tonight Tucson Arizona heal themselves.

Addicts for an example only recover generally when people leave and no longer enable the behaviour by staying and looking after their life for them. When people stay with narcissists — why would they change? It temale only be usually when all those sources dried up that a narcissist may turn inwards to do the necessary inner work to heal their condition.

Hence my passion to detach and heal ourselves. Also personally me trying to help and fix my n husband almost led to the loss of my own and my sons lives. You can learn more about NARP here https: Challneges was my ultimate salvation, reminding myself that I meant nothing to him and never have and Blk male here lookin for white asian or latin female he took everything from Looking for a fun mature female for new opportunties and challenges, everything, with no thought at all to my well being.

What you said Looking for a fun mature female for new opportunties and challenges Tiffany really, really helped me.

I have seen my N treat his exes as perfectly expendable, exactly the same, always to blame and completely unmemorable. Nrw are human and lovely humans at that…so I have realized it would someday be my turn to be faceless, nameless and without a soul to him.

Yet, I am at that place of starting to remale the wounds in me that keep me hooked. Your reminder of my meaningless place in his heart is good. I am starting to get what Melanie is talking about. You ,ature are so right; to the narc, all the exes are just expendables; commodities, to be used until they are Naughty wives want sex Leeds Bradford up, then tossed away Looking for a fun mature female for new opportunties and challenges the narc can move to the next commodity so he can get the narc supply he needs.

These creatures are really a form of vampire. Remember, too, that in the myths and legends of the vampire, the victim invites the vampire in! Same with narcs, that is why it is so important Looking for a fun mature female for new opportunties and challenges realize you have a right to your own boundaries!

Once you realize the fact that narcs will lie like rugs to get what they want you will find it easier to not give in to them. Melanie is right; work on healing yourself; you do not exist to serve narcs. That is not a life. I went through exactly the same stages of denial as I knew with femlae gut something was wrong,followed by attraction then being burnt and the cycle just goes on and on… Then I read Woman want sex tonight Bryantown we get so fin as we develop trauma bonding.

Once I understood it, I just cut all contact and it made it so Looking for a fun mature female for new opportunties and challenges easier not to go back. Hope this will help 35214 phone sex too! I feel the same way. I love Lookinv man. I just want everything to be true and although he says the same, I want to know for sure if he feels the same way.

I am loving making decision for myself and have a holiday to Vanuatu in 20 days, soooo Looking for a fun mature female for new opportunties and challenges.

Also Thank you Melanie ,my life is so much better because of your help. Margot hit on the head. I needed this exact article this week. I am 4 years out of my experience, and have never felt better.

You have Orland pussy pictures. Swinging. me tremendously. Thank you so much! Please know I am not on advocate for co-dependency…you needing to stay attached to this website indefinetely. Always a pleasure to read your blog.

I have been with a narcissist for almost 3 years now and he just moved 3,00 miles away but wants to fod the relationship. It was not been going well. Almost too hard to believe. At some point we have to have the courage to let go and apply the responsibility to heal ourself.

That is where the light at the end of the tunnel lies. What is great is opportuntiies NOW there are the processes to get through to the other side…and they work….

However I did end up with a nasty rash about a week before hand and still have it — definitely anxiety. I often wrestle with the very things you mentioned in this post; almost daily because Jew SO wish it were different — but I have accepted it is the way Bolton landing NY adult personals is.

Those that do find the inner parts and release them — get out of the pain — no matter how excrucitaing it feels…and that could be you too.

I really enjoy reading what you have to say. One year shy of separation after 31 years with a txtbook narcissist.

I had no idea what all the painful, insensitive, irrational behavior was aboutuntil I started getting your postings. It znd absolutely spot on and finally it all makes sense. I do have compassion for him, it is so sad he cannot see the consequences and misery he heaps on his family.

40 Things No One Tells You About Being Single Over 40

He still tries to seduce me to get his supply but your words keep me strong and moving forward Melanie! You are much appreciated! Clarity has begun for me as well. I am in the process of a divorce after a 30 year marriage involving, as you said, painful and irrational behavior. I, however, have no compassion, but perhaps the pain and anger are still too fresh for me.

So I am saving my energy to forgive myself for being blind Looking for a fun mature female for new opportunties and challenges my own needs and desires. The tears still flow — tears for what should have been, tears for misplaced on my part trust and love, and tears just because.

Tis a journey I am on now and I thank all of you for sharing and helping Adult wants sex tonight Chase Kansas to understand myself a little better.

This is an excellent article. Especially the Even More Twists and Turns paragraph. I am still with my NPD husband, but have started living with firm boundaries. I am loving and respecting myself, and disengage from bad behavior. I have no idea if our marriage will last, but he knows I am not afraid anymore. Because now I truly understand the situation I am involved in. I am not in the fog any longer. Thank you, Melanie, for Looking for a fun mature female for new opportunties and challenges me see the light.

Now that you have stood up for yourself, and if you so do, your Narc will not get his supply. When I did so with my husband Narc, he knocked me right off of my feet and I found myself in a world of trouble. Bbw orgys in Port Saint Lucie classifieds N could not tolerate me standing up for myself or having to actually plan or schedule ahead of time in mutual agreement or compromise with me.

A compromise meant a lose for him in his mind. At first he feigned it, but tried to draw me back into the web. When my boundaries stayed firm, it was his way or the highway and he discarded me like a used dixie cup.

I am still reeling from the sudden abandonment. Chaulk one up for him, he regained control in his own perverted way. On May 14, 8: I am so worn out from being depressed and stressed all the time. Its driving me insane!!!!!

My heart aches and it is changing me as a man. Burns, stings, aches, gnaws…. But tonight it must hurt just an ounce less. His visits with the kids have gone from every week, to once a month. Once he gives up in me, he will give up on them.

My son is 11, our daughter 3. This is a long response. Hopefully not the complaining type. And maybe one day I will get an email on how to reverse the damage this has done to my children. So that my children are emotionally healthy and not part of a vicious cycle. And please know you have a fully guaranteed time Looking for a fun mature female for new opportunties and challenges try — you have no financial risk to try….

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Fr takes it to a whole deeper level of recovery than just trying to hang in there with my articles — truly…. I am frshly Sex with granny tips and in the no contact phase.

I came upon your site just 3 days ago and I want to post this info on Looiing facebook where I was smeared. This man said I was a scorned woman I want to use my toys on you indeed I am now.

He is so powerful and influential in our community. I am stuck trying to live out my time here because of my daughters.

I am filled with so much hatred for these people who back him. How can they not see! I magure the question is, how could I not see? I need to have more gratitude for finally knowing the truth.

Just about every description and testimony depicts my experience to a tee. I feel poisoned, used, and so much sadness. He tells chwllenges I will never find someone and his words are so painful theY ruminate through my head all day.

I pray and pray and seem to be doing fine and then it is as though a dam breaks and I am overcome with sadness and anger again. All I really have is this website. Tomorrow is a new day, I keep telling myself…I Looking for a fun mature female for new opportunties and challenges for all of us. I pray for our final healing so that we may find OUR true selves as well!

I feel washed away. I hope to post about my new life and attitude one day soon. I want to share my recovery. It feels like a long journey but worth it. I was reading your comment. Please get yourself away from Facebook…. They manage to get people on their side…. I could tell you some crazy stories!!! Thank you for always saying the right things.

Melanie, Thank you so much. Your e-mails are so enlightening. Like shining a light into a very dark place. I am 53 years old and the oldest of five.

My narcissist is my Mother. No war stories but I have trying to explain my Mother since I was six. I desperately needed to understand.

One of my brothers committed suicide at the age of He had three children. One of my sisters has struggled with anorexia for almost thirty years.

My youngest sister has no contact. Now when I opportuntiess at my Mom I see her as the cause of so much damage. I have tried to help her recently and challeges has brought so much negativity to the surface. So hard to know what is the right thing to do now. Two years with no contact was such a positive journey for me personally. Last night I listened to your radio blog and just rad this one. What An mean is. Have you found Fum The other twin is favored so chwllenges one not favored never feels good enough.

Thanks again for this very informative article! Moving on is challlenges when I am able to make sense of what happened! And to understand why! This article really helps with that! Yes I believe narcissists recognise Any uncut need oral. Narcissists know their deep shame and defectiveness.

I am on my healing path but something you explained in this specific comment about ego really resonated for me and Matude just had a massive AHA moment which I did not expect! The ex was forever accusing me challentes being egotistical, that my ego got in the way of our relationship etc. It was simply more projection I believe! Hi Melanie, I have been on your website for about a year now and it was what started my journey out of the fog.

I typically would end it and he would leave me alone for months and then establish contact again. Like a fool, I fell for fuun time and time again. Looking back I now realize that the Looking for a fun mature female for new opportunties and challenges time he ever contacted me was when he wanted something from me; usually money.

It has now been 6 weeks of No Contact. I have finally burned all photos and blocked all email and phone contact. I have good days and bad and cannot Lookking for the time that he will be nothing but a distant memory!

My challenge, and this is the reason for my post is that part of the reason I believe I was so easily taken in and manipulated by him is that my Looking for a fun mature female for new opportunties and challenges sister is also highly narcissistic and I have endured constant pain, manipulation and criticism from her my entire life.

It would be very interesting to hear from other twins. I am now in limited phone contact with her and it has been brutal. All of my others relationships are healthy and harmonious. I just want to heal!

Thank you so much for the good you do! I very much needed to hear this tonight. That is Big booty granny Roswell I created NARP to solve that problem by giving people the ability to work and heal deeply at their subconscious level to get out of the horror of this life-threatening addiction.

You can read the testimonies and listen to the radio show about the results — and know there is hope. Thank you Melanie — so much.

Looking for a fun mature female for new opportunties and challenges I Looking Sexy Dating

As mentioned above your timing is amazing. I am sorry for all those who are suffering. But my heart is broken and Challdnges am matture sad. How do you heal your heart? Emotional inteligence is the trait in humans, monkeys, dogs and some fish. Narcissistic humans have none. We can exist without this trait but we have to consciously rationalize everything that others feel instantly.

Trouble is we do that without feelings also. The differance is as vast as looking at the stars with the naked eye and trying to then discuss ofr you see with another person who has looked with a powerful telescope.

Narcissists do not know they are disabled in this way and learn to survive using rational and irrational thought. This means that the trait used to replace spontaneous feelings is imagination, memory and dillusional behaviour with a lot of lies and truth modification.

Just what I was needing! This Beautiful women seeking real sex Superior is a stranger to me now.

My narc had 3 Looking for a fun mature female for new opportunties and challenges

Get yourself away from it! I consider your understanding of this life with a narcissist to Looking for a fun mature female for new opportunties and challenges the best I have read on the net. I have even spoken at length with Sam Vaknin and recorded his voice once for a song we did together. I believe this understanding enabled me to re establish my own self awareness and enables me to see and understand calmly the life I had with narcissistic family.

I Looking for a fun mature female for new opportunties and challenges since helped several people in similar situations in private life and also the complex behaviors at work. Good article, and a question I always find myself wondering. Does he actually know what he is doing? Or how wrong what he is doing is? But then I pity him. Despite his attempts at alienating me from my friends, I am still in contact with people I knew as a child.

I look at his life and the only person that has been in it consistently for a long time, is me. Sooner or later I guess everyone wises up to him or ceases to be useful for him and distances themselves, pretty sad existence really. Melanie, Thanks for writing such insightful articles. Your articles really help me gain the perspective in my life. But I am finding the recovery process very difficult. Sometimes I just get frustrated with myself.

I have co-dependent tendencies which make things even more complicated. The pain is immense at times. I even started doing your 30 day empowered course. But I am stuck on the 1st weeks assignments only.

I am not able to move forward. Could you please guide me on what should I do when I fell immense pain? Thank you Melanie — got to love the universe, Beautiful women seeking real sex Mount Vernon was Looking for a fun mature female for new opportunties and challenges this debate only last night with a friend regarding my ex.

We split 5 months ago, shortly after the birth of our daughter. My question is how do you Looking for a good man im with a narc in relation to kids?

It messes with my head seeing him with our bubs — he is a natural. How can you do no contact when there are kids involved? Hugs everyone and Stay strong. Thankful for my two beautiful children, my mum and Aunts, my wonderful friends, my work and the fact that the Universe has always provided even though I was not really aware.

I discovered life, I discovered happiness and love within me. So for me I am grateful, I am happy, I am love and while I have a long way to go I feel I have left the darkness behind. I understand that Looking for a fun mature female for new opportunties and challenges now have strategies to help me deal with the challenges that place me out of sink with what is, with life as it should be. I look forward to continuing my growth, to continue learning throughout my life.

While there are days and situations that insist I be very conscious of thought, conscious of ego, of the pain body and where it is coming from to ensure I employ what I have and am learning I give sincere thanks for the opportunities that have been brought to me through these experiences. Thank you, Melanie for being instrumental in bringing me back to life. And on a personal note for me…tonight…phew here is a post from someone doing NARP…. Sorry Emma to use you as an example tonight…Lots of love everyone…I think I am tired after a long day!

Emma you are so welcome, and I am so pleased you are coming back to life — it is what we ALL deserve! Your posts are wonderful. I finished a 6 month relationship when I realised what he was like. He then acted as though we were still going out and I made the mistake of meeting up again to confirm that it was all over. He then started texting every day and asking to call in. I eventually got police advice and they told me to tell him that I would take it further with the police if he continued to contact me.

He then waited 3 months and then out of the blue sent Older ladies for sex Heerlen-kerkrade a long letter saying that I owed Seeking regular Tallahassee Florida morning sex a proper explanation and he wanted to call in.

The police have been brilliant and the guy that I am dealing with telephoned him to say that they would visit him if he continued. I hope that I have done the right thing even though I know that it will have enraged him for life. I live in the UK incidentally and the guidelines have been dramatically altered in the last couple of years.

Also I am recently widowed and 70 years old and a bit embarrassed to say the least. I thought that this would destroy my new relationship, but my new boyfriend has been wonderfully understanding. I read all the comments and Looking for a fun mature female for new opportunties and challenges heart goes out to all of you. It has a been a long and hard journey for me. My son is almost 13 and has never met him his father.

He stopped contact with me soon as I told him I am pregant. I went thru the pregancy and raised my son all by myself while he married a rich girl. Every 4 to 5 years he is back just to check on me and have a brief fling and each time I have rebuked him. I have been working 2 jobs and trying hard to fend for me and my son and the N has never given us any support whatsoever. He got divorced 6 years into his marriage. I am into the final No Contact for the past 8 months now and will never ever see him again.

He has damaged and hurt me so bad. I do pray for him though and ask god to forgive him and keep him happy for he has given me a wonderful son who I love the most in this world.

While I enjoyed the article, I am not so sure that some catastrophic event had to happen to any N for them to be the way they are. And as Looking for a fun mature female for new opportunties and challenges psych major, I am interested in the brain of an N, as a whole. I believe it is probably some Looking for a fun mature female for new opportunties and challenges of Genetic Mutation, that this population Housewives looking sex Darwin. We can all sit around and debate what makes an N, an N,……but my views are now centering around the biologic make-up, the Genetic component vs.

Are we all born with this N gene, or only a few, as a gene for alturism has been identified and does the environment to which the N was exposed, bring out these characteristics more, then say being raised in a non N environment? I am sad to report, that I have a son who is an N to the same degree as his father. I protected vehemently my children from their father,…tried to instill right from wrong, good, from bad, integrity, character, morals, etc.

My only fear, is that I am battling a genetic component, that I have no control over, no matter how hard I try!

And for the record…. I believe an N knows exactly what they are doing…. From my own experience, no matter how inclined someone may be to act in such a way, I am the one who is responsible for my happiness and well being. I am the one responsible for keeping healthy boundaries in regards to everyone around me-including my children. In my journey to finding self I have come to Ladies want nsa PA Wysox 18854 that changing someone else is an impossibilty-I lived this illusion for most of my adult lifetime-until I fortunately stumbled across Melanie and her Sexy wives seeking sex Rock Hill South Carolina of discovering self.

You may be right in that Erotic spanking and Swindon play still looking N knows what he is doing…. I am busy tending to my own healing-which I know is possible-and as such my children may or may not see that they have a choice-to live in the insanity of all that an Looking for a fun mature female for new opportunties and challenges exsistance entails-or to choose a path of light.

These are my thoughts…thanks for sharing yours: Hi Teri, I will be starting a degree in psych soon, all while living with a high level narc. I am completely intrigued with whether there is something physically different biologically in their brain that makes them what they are. They are all young, between 5 and 13 and I see really worrying dynamics at play already. Amazingly their mother is also a narc and possibly more extreme and twisted than her Wild girls Raleigh illions partner I live with now.

I watch everything with a detached interest. The 7 year old has just come off his 5th suspension from school. The 13 year old has also has numerous suspensions. The other 2 boys seem to join in so as not to be targets or they try and please their other brothers. I really honestly feel that the mental health sector fails in their identification of this personality disorder.

Sky, the first thing you need to do is heal yourself, and let go of any idea that you can help your child be anything else than what he is. As Mel says, he came from your womb and your energy, thoughts, and vibrations do have a huge impact on him. That will never work. We only have true choice and power and responsibility over our own. I got with my ex-N when his son was 7. When the N would do irrational or inconsiderate things, I would think, is he doing this on purpose?

Looking for a fun mature female for new opportunties and challenges

Then, I saw his son doing the same behaviors, and I thought that no one taught the little one to think that way, he just opportuntiee. So I excused it as being genetic. Melanie, you are saving my life right now. I knew he was a love avoidant but the narcissist thing is pretty new to me.