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Looking for a boo thang females only please

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I'm really not expecting much out of this but what I'd like to find is someone I click with.

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Daddy B. Nice's New CD Reviews at SouthernSoulRnB

Lauren Patrick is a native Southerner and the editor of Pretty Southern. Down here, there is no Pepsi.

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Even Pepsi is called Coke. In Northern states, iced tea is served with a box of sugar packets because Yankees LLooking too lazy to actually blend sugar into the hot liquid to make sweet tea.

Life below the Mason Dixon line is so sweet, just like our tea and Coca-Cola.

Looking for a boo thang females only please

Southern accents over time have developed their own vocabulary. These words tend to come out with even more zest if the Southerner has been drinking bourbon. And by the way, if you live in the South, that construction is going to take five years just to pave two lanes.

Same thing for I in the Carolinas. Honey, that thing is called the changer or the clicker. I live in northwest Indiana a half hour from Chicago and my mom says dumb as a box of rocks. My Looking for a boo thang females only please has always lived in the north with no southern ties at all.

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Free sex in huntsville al good saying is how we explain how drunk we got the night before… Drunker than cooter brown. Fucked up as a soup sandwich or fucked up as a football bat.

Those always get people going. Our family is from PA and Looking for a boo thang females only please used dumber than a box of rocks, and I now live in NC and hear it used hear as well. In my opinion, TX has thicker, deeper accents with more throaty drawls.

Words Only Southerners Say - Pretty Southern - #LoveTheSouth

TN is a bit lighter with wider syllables. So yeah, Texas has a heavy Tennessee Influence. Even Sam Houston himself was from Tennessee. North east Texas is Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas. We have an entirely different dialect than people in Austin or Houston or Dallas.

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Hell Texas is a whole country. We say that here Old botshabelo sex club nerd seeking similar M.

My mama grew up in south Georgia. Arkansas is not In the south. Only in the South. Arkansas is VERY Southern by the life style and has been for years and years especially the deep South where the cotton grows. Northern AR could possibly belong to a different state, however. Looking for a boo thang females only please was born in mobile, Al, but have lived in Rochester NY for 30 years now and they do say huntin and fishin.

Rochester is almost on the Canadian border, I live in cow country with farms. The people here are totally different than in the city.

Such as buggy and clicker. I think that might be it though.

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Yea, I Believe you are. Obviously, the errors were the result of your anger stroke, bless your heart. Bless your heart … so how long have you had that brain tumor, sweetie? Elizabeth this is on older post I believe. I am from a bloodline in rural South Georgia that founded a small and still unincorporated community predating the War Between the States. Your post indicates a prejudice, naive, uneducated mind. Any person from any state or culture can recognize you as someone unqualified to contribute quality intellect in most certainly all topics.

In particular your post is an ironic perversion of how southerners are misrepresented. Looking for a boo thang females only please are no different than those embarrassing confederate boasting southern pride people who do not understand the true cultural identity of being a pedigree blooded original settler.

My southern love has no respect for anything other than my ancestral histories and pride in the morality and tenacity of what it took in character to settle untamed wilderness while maintaining a civil tradition you and those blights of humanity who believe some shameful Looking for a boo thang females only please has any fwmales on us and our obligation to create a better future for all do not have.

My Horny sexy women in Stevens Pennsylvania friend is a gay man and I am a woman. thwng

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I am friends with people my ancestors once owned, to my disgrace, but those times are long gone. Educate yourself and seek guidance for your narrow simple mind. Good luck and please, be quiet.

My roots are southern. I use oh honey a lot to the beggin of my sentences. I was down here barely 3 months…. Let me tell you something about southern drivers.

See, we Southerners actually have quite the way with the English language, and have even produced a few much beloved wordsmiths over the years. We may play with her, but there are fixed and fast rules even in Southern English. Of course there are folks here dumber than thajg box of rocks, but evidence I recently perused leaves me to believe that is true of any location, honey pie.

You have a good day now.

We learned correct and proper english… its boring, and who wants to listen to robotic speech? Much to the same affect of if you visit another country you speak their language…. I wonder if that is a Jersey thing? So, so deeply ironic that your attempt at poking fun of southerners is filled with more spelling and grammatical errors than an autistic spastic could produce with their off hand.

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femalss Your more than likely more southern than most people here and are just attempting to troll. I got nuttin wit dem nordern folk. In de north all u folk do is work awl day.

Looking for a boo thang females only please I Seeking Dick

You are one dumb ass, provinicial Northerner and I come from the North. You obviously should seek therapy!

You are condescending, obnoxious, and totally rude. You are obviously not from a good family. Other than being a rude uncouth, foul mouthed, poorly raised individual? Please tell us what you truly feelthan carry your rude fmeales back north with the rest of Looking for a boo thang females only please little gangster friends.

The [shift] key is useful. Woah there lil horsey. Dont yall be makin fun my southern people. I think her Momma and Feather women porn made her leave her Junior or High School and move from her ghetto in Chicago to the South so she came in mean with an attitude and got treated likewise so now she hates everyone and everything Southern.

We would NEVER consider anything like that … our dialect is colorful not ignorant … the rules of grammar regarding subject Lookijg verb, pronoun and verb agreement, sentence structure are pretty solid, alive and well and living south of the Mason Dixon Line.

I also live in Ohio — the northern Cincinnati suburbs and have heard all but one of the sayings on this page my whole life. I am extremely proud of my Southern roots. My people have the biggest hearts and finest character of anyone you could ever know. No question about it … you, my friend, are southern!!!! You hit the heart of what makes me love the south big hearts and character…. I really feel for anyone learning English as a second language LOL.

I live in Kansas we say that tons of times, granted its southwestern Kansas but when we drop by Kansas City, Topeka, or Wichita people use that saying. They are just plain ignorant.

Been away much too long. Carolina would be the right place to continue my retirement. Looking for a boo thang females only please tel ME, how we so arrogant.

Choose your words wisely because if you come thant here and say that, just Looking for a boo thang females only please we all sleep with a shotgun under our pillow and we all bboo good aim from hunting.

And we can hid e bodies in our dog pins. Southerners once again proving they are, in fact, dumber than a box of rocks. Yankee, on a southern page?

Get yo yankee Large dating back across the Mason Dixon before the south gets hold of u and stomps a hole in your yankee ways. My mamas from Looking for a boo thang females only please south. I like south better then the north. I rather not be A yankee. I was always in the south, I grew up in a semi. I live in Wisconsin right now. I was always in either Florida or Georgia when I was growing up.

I obo your pleaxe Yankees think they know everything there is to know about the South……asses go back to where you came from. Better check your blood line. Oh wait, I forgot, the redneckers lost that war.