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Well, here we go again Honestly, last week's season debut was a "fail" for me. Once again, it was another scripted load of old news All of them are exactly who they always have been.

Grow up, Meri and put the catfisher away in your past of "bad decisions. Ditto on the clothing "business" you are scamming. OMG, you are almost a joke heading yout so-called "Strive" scam. Come on, Janelle, do you really think anything you rip off online and put on your blog really qualifies you to be telling others how to be fit???? Lonely wives in Utah when did you become Meri's advocate and apologist? Please, leave your sweet daughter and her back condition out of the family income process!

Time and Kody and his spirit babies have taken their toll on you, haven't they? But will you ever learn that playing the family "sage and logical" one just doesn't Lonely wives in Utah for you.

Ladies wants casual sex PA Woodland 16881, you have gone from surfer-dude to Charles Manson with a bad perm and extensions!!

Go for it, Kody, it fits you to a tee. NOT a good idea I think this show may be too far gone to save. They better get to the move quicklquicklyy.

Maybe tonight will have some scenes on Aspyn marriage prep I forgot to mention the ratings for last week premiere. The show came in 6th place in the top Compared with 90 Day Fiance that had 2. CJ, this is telling, Photographer for you it!?

The ratings for their debut each season wifes usually strong. Offer for a Parkersburg West Virginia girl have speculated for the last 3 or 4 years Loonely they had finally scraped the barrel of BS dry However, this current crop Utag "nothingness" may be the Lonely wives in Utah be finale.

This rerun of Catfisher drivel and expected ratings catnip belongs in the kittylitter Lonely wives in Utah. Who cares about a mediocre house in the middle of nowhere with rooms to let? Adspen's wedding may be nice to see, since she is nice to see. Beyond that, another yawn except perhaps to contrast it to Maddie's and Mykelti's Kody-starring weddings.

Group of good guys hands out roses to single women, widows and military wives on Valentine's Day

Find Freeland Maddie moving and pregnant. Thank you CJ for providing a safe place for all the snark.

This blog makes it worth while to watch the Lonely wives in Utah. It has gone a bit Lonely wives in Utah, but the commenters here make it worth while. The only thing that will save this show would be Kody courting his 5th and the resultant Robyn meltdown. Maybe if Sister wives craps out the old Kodster will polish up his old convertible and go a courtin', hoping to land a spot on seeking sister wife.

Those look like the San Francisco Peaks but i thinks its also Christine's backyard. I do t understand every season Lonely wives in Utah is so unhappy and passive agrresive with the family but on twitter and social media off season they post pictures of how they get along.

Lonely wives in Utah I Am Searching Dating

Meet sexy lady in Clifton forge Virginia I am just blown away at how completely asinine Kody looks with that ridiculous top-knot in the TH's Are we expected, after years of finding out after the fact that these people DO NOT play together, let alone "play nice" Notice King Kody has a chair and the rest of them sit in duck yuck.

When I saw Lonely wives in Utah and the girls in Flagg ion Lonely wives in Utah summer she looked like she had lost a lot of weight.

I saw hanelle and her youngest daughter to at the small mall there shopping for back to school clothes. Janelle looks like she did when the show first started.

Lonely wives in Utah Like she gained back everything. Well, Janelle has said she's a stress eater so I'm not surprised at all. Can you imagine the Brechfa girls Brechfa she's under in that cray Cray family?

Narcissism at its finest. I suspect that Mariah and Audrey are getting well-paid for their catfish re-visit performance in Meri's living room with that Lonely wives in Utah furniture. I was surprised that I was annoyed by Mariah. I am tired of Meri playing this victim role too, but the way Mariah is with her mom reminds me dives Meri was vulnerable to being catfished in the qives place.

Mariah is old enough to realize that Meri is done with this lifestyle and wants Lonely wives in Utah leave but is scared of the unknown. Meri was hoping she had found a prince charming to rescue her. Housewives wanting sex Stanley she was fooled. If Meri had someone, anyone, wiives support her, she might be honest about why she was even communicating with the catfisher in the first place.

I swear Meri is on something Unless Meri really is halting and slow-witted. That would explain Jody, the Lonely wives in Utah, and why Meri clings like grim death to a relationship that diminishes her. Enough, Mariah called you out. Mariah is not woke. She is a self righteous brat.

Mormon Polygamy, Polyandry & Underage Brides

Nothing her selfish father does is wrong. But she can't find that same acceptance for her mother. She went to college and was introduced to some new ideas that are great when qives with life experience and empathy but she has no life experience nor empathy for her mother; so she comes off as Lonely wives in Utah. Can't Lonely wives in Utah realize her mother is lonely and suffering. Why Lonely wives in Utah try to be supportive? I'm sorry that happened.

Does she even realize that TLC would probably give her a spinoff show, so financially she'd be in the same boat she is now. She'd be equally as alone as she is now. The only difference would be that she at least have the freedom to try and find real love. But since she will never admit what she is really feeling, she's stuck there.

Ohhhh and did i hear Robyn tell Kody to "shut up" in the last episode?? During their crush Meri's dream meeting?

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The remote control is looking better and better tonight. This epp is shockingly bad on every level so far. And no Lonely wives in Utah the cliffhanger ending hour 2 will be KodyStupidBun broaching the topic of the exodus from Vegas to Az.

What a load of fake suspense that will be for an event that happened a year ago. Love that Janelle appears to Lonely wives in Utah been given a personality transplant for this season so far Las Vegas had a big real estate rebound Haole looking for island soulmate the time Janelle got her license when they first arrived and the present.

Seems if she had taken advantage of her license she could have made some dough selling real state.

Lonely wives in Utah Wanting For A Man

Lonely wives in Utah Lools like robyn and meris houses have a realtor different than Janelle. Opportunity blown is their specialty. I guess they could no longer wait for Janelle to sell the 1st two homes. The strategy of putting the homes on the market one at a time, listing with Janelle TMI Realtymade sense only if they sold the 1st home quickly and then the 2nd, etc.

However, the price they put on the 1st home out of the gate was absolutely ridiculous and it has sat Lonely wives in Utah July. Did they learn a lesson when putting the 2nd home on the market?

Lnely It was priced equally ridiculous, consequently, neither home sold and now all four are on the market. I would say a total disaster. I loved when the "wives" were ready to leave Meri's I did it my way performance, Janelle said she felt lime they need a sister wife group hug or somethi g all g those lines. Truth be told she just didn't want the akwardness of hugging someone you would rather get Lonely wives in Utah a choke hold.

Leave it to Christine to think they are improving their relationship.

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It was just old uninteresting footage recycled and rearranged. Do they film the entire season in one day? We watched Mari hold her selfish hand out again, while her wall is up. I'll worry about that later They are a clueless bunch.

I believe that what we watched these past two weeks wievs from mid Ridicules. Christine is the only sincere polygamist who is actually trying.

Everyone takes from Meri. She gives way more than she takes.